The Horror Honeys: Dream Seekers Productions

Dream Seekers Productions

A Head Honey Review

Since the summer, I've admittedly (and unapologetically) spent quite a few hours that I was supposed to be using for teaching or working on whatever other project on the Popcorn Horror app watching short horror films.  Sorry not sorry, it's pretty much what I'd rather do anyway.

I'm a BIG fan of short might be my attention span, or the fact that I love the way short horror filmmakers have a limited time to pull their viewers in, get them hooked on their story and leave them wanting more.  That kind of creativity is taken for granted in a world of big budget (and not so big budget) feature films that try desperately to deliver the visceral punch of some of the short films I've seen over the past year.

This is how I initially found Dream Seekers Productions, completely by accident while cruising through short films while I was supposed to be teaching a class about special effects makeup.  Whoops.

Little Reaper (2013)

The story:  The Grim Reaper's teenage daughter must carry on his legacy, but whatever don't understand me. #reaperproblems

The lowdown: 10 minutes of reminding myself WHY I'm never having children...that's what. I have a feeling that Little Reaper is EXACTLY the kind of nightmare child I would have.  Played with hilariously deadpan (seewhatIdidthere) perfection by Athena Baumeister, I wanted to punch Little Reaper in the throat throughout the short.  This is a winner, folks.  Great writing, an engaging story, and believable characters.
The face of birth control.

The only issue I had with this short, is a super tiny and somewhat bitchy one. While I enjoyed the fact that production was done in black and white, I have to wonder if the decision was made because of the makeup.  Looking at production stills, it was a good choice.  Everything looks better in black and white, even the BFF who looked slightly Ganguro in black and white.  Trust me, I'm a professional.
Little Reaper, some Banshees, and...frog girl? 

A side note - I'm pretty sure cenobite is pronounced SENOBITE not SCENOBITE although the thought of a scenester cenobite is REALLY hilarious (HH research note - I actually looked up several pronunciations of cenobite, just to prove I wasn't crazy and unless we're getting into Greek pronunciations and phonetics, they're technically both correct.  So, no one wins, but I still think scenobite sounds weird.)

The verdict: 4.7 annoying teenage brats out of 5.  Little Reaper is every parent wanting to pass on the family business' worst nightmare.

The Beast (2012)

Another Dream Seeker's short film, The Beast was sent to me by Dream Seekers themselves...and because I had seen Little Reaper first, I was expecting really good things.  I wasn't really rewarded for my eagerness.

The story: Pretending to be Irish (I think), 2 brothers come to terms (well not really) with the fact that one of them has a werewolf for a son.  Chaos ensues as they decide to tie the son to a tree under a full moon, but then let him out of his bonds for a tinkle.

The lowdown:  I've mentioned before that short films have a small window of opportunity to catch the interest of their viewer.  I'm a bit of a goldfish in that manner in that it takes even less time for me to get hooked in (oooo a castle!).  The Beast dragged for me, and for a 12 minute film...that's not a good sign.  Questionable dialogue and magical vanishing accents and an ending that actually doesn't make a whole lot of sense.   There was some yelling about committing suicide rather than killing the son, then a fight over a gun and we end on 2 tiny crosses in a field.  So somewhere in that 12 minutes, I got kind of lost.

The verdict:  3 out of 5 tight frame forehead prosthetics. While The Beast is obviously low budget, the film is shot and edited fairly well.  I didn't hate it, but Dream Seekers has better tricks up their sleeves on their website.