The Horror Honeys: 6/6/6 with Bill Oberst Jr.

6/6/6 with Bill Oberst Jr.

A Guest Honey Interview by Tonjia Atomic

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard the name Bill Oberst Jr. or at least seen his face. From his creepy stalker role in the Facebook app Take this Lollipop to stand out performance as Abraham Lincoln in Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies, Bill has shown his diversity and onscreen charisma. I asked Bill 6/6/6 questions and here's what I got! 

1. Is horror your first love? If so, tell us more. If not, tell us what is.

I wanted to be a preacher. I was raised in the South where country preaching was really emotional and passionate. I wanted to be in that pulpit. I even went to a seminary weekend to see if it was for me. Then I realized I mainly just wanted to play a preacher. A preacher/actor who does horror movies... may have missed an opportunity to have a really unique career there!

2. What's a surprising fact about you?

I hate cheese. Passionately. I decided I didn't like it when I was a kid. So my mom made a pie crust with cheese in it but did not tell me. I ate it. She said, "Did you like that?" I said "Yes." She said "Well you just ate cheese." I said "I'll never eat cheese again in my entire life!" And I haven't. So on sets I am always the anti-cheese oddball. My mom was just trying to help but I vowed it, you know? I guess I have a tiny stubborn streak.

3. Do you get recognized for your role in Take this Lollipop

Kids recognize me for that one, never adults. It is always some kid who stares at me in the grocery store and then says something like "Mom that's the man who stalked me on Facebook." And I try to shrug and look innocent, you know, but the parents are saying "Don't look at him, honey." The kids actually never seem scared; only the adults. 

4. Were you interested in horror as a child? 

Oh yes!! I was the prototypical Fangoria-reading, Famous-Monsters-loving, Dick-Smith-Makeup-Course-taking weird kid. I was fat and I had bad acne and I couldn't throw a football... I could never get puberty right and monsters became my friend. By the time I lost weight and learned to box, I was firmly on the path to horror geek-dom, and damn proud to be. Horror saved my life.

5. Name an actor and /or film that has influenced your decision to become an actor...

Lon Chaney Sr. and The Exorcist. Either of them would have pushed me towards being a horror genre actor. The combined force of them sealed my fate. I thank the good Lord for the first time I saw Regan MacNeil spew puke and Lon Chaney shove Christine to the ground in a rage. Those were pivotal moments in my life, and delightful ones. I thank God for being good enough to let me do this for a living. I'm a happy guy. 

6. What is a movie that you'd recommend everyone should see?

Jesus Of Montreal. It's a 1989 French-language film about a group of actors hired to put on a Passion Play. It turns religiosity upside down on its head. It is a haunting, metaphorical film that you'll never forget seeing. My 2nd favorite non-horror movie of all time (right behind Amadeus).

6 favorite indie horror movies:

American Mary

6 things about an upcoming project:

The upcoming project is LORD BATEMAN

Synopsis: A kind man of European royal lineage struggles against dark visions of himself as a depraved demon, eventually coming to believe that he is that creature.

Tagline: "For the Devil walketh about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour..."

Director Joe Hendrick has connections in Eastern Europe - we hope to film there

The demon in Lord Bateman will have several different stages a-la Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula. We are striving to do each look practical, not CGI.

The idea for the film came to me as a dream. Seriously. I kept dreaming about a red devil. Finally I couldn't stand it and set up a photoshoot just to get it out of my head. Those images led to Joe Hendrick and Minonina Films getting interested in turning it into a feature film. 

Bill and I have a few projects in the works including the horror short Raw Meat. In the meantime you can watch any number of his films. Check out his IMDB page for a comprehensive list of credits. 

Guest Honey, Tonjia Atomic, is a filmmaker, musician, and freelance writer. You can find out more about her at or connect at Twitter!