The Horror Honeys: Son of Ghostman

Son of Ghostman

A Multi-Honey Review!

Son of Ghostman (Halloween 2013)
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Though not specifically a horror film - ok so not a horror film at all - nevertheless, the Honey's decided to give this little indie a try.

This is James Deen.
I'm sorry, what were you saying?
Son of Ghostman builds its story around a hapless self-proclaimed loser whom all of the Honey's confirmed reminded us of a vanilla version of James Deen.  The story follows Vanilla James Deen on his adventure to become an internet sensation and beat out his nefariously surfer-boy/Iceman nemesis Count Dracool for Horror Host fame. Highly bangable lead actors aside, Son of Ghostman was watched by a few of the Honeys, and with some good, and some bad results, we had this to say about it:

Head Honey
I have a personal haterade for Romantic Comedies.  Especially the romantic comedies of John Hughes.
"See, all these movies take place in this small town called Shermer in Illinois, where all the honeys are top-shelf but all the dudes are whiny pussies. Except for Judd Nelson, he was fuckin' harsh.
- Jay, Dogma

Sorry not sorry, this quote actually kind of applies to Son of Ghostman and there was no Judd Nelson.

Now, I freely admit  as someone who despises the romantic comedy genre and the "women as accessories/prizes/secondary story line" thing, that Son of Ghostman was utterly adorable.  Maybe it's because I have dude brain and I can totally identify with male characters struggling to find their niche and didn't mind that the female "leads" weren't actually leads, I don't know.
I also personally aspire to be as engagingly awkward and funny on film as Denny is, perhaps hosting my own punk-Elvira tribute show one day.

Honey confession:  I had to watch Son of Ghostman twice to make sure I actually grasped the story and wasn't just focused on how I'd wreck the lead actor like a smashup derby entry.

Denny can pass out on Head Honey's lawn in monster makeup any day...

Sci-Fi Honey
"I shut it off at 12 minutes 12 seconds. Sorry dude, not a fan. 

My movie impression : very cute lead actor he's a bit Matt Damon-y, fairly bad acting aside from Cute Lead Actor and Cute Redheaded Romantic Interest, brutal dialogue, and the editor/director should work on their stuff, the sound editing was very spotty, his choice of shots was frequently inexplicable. Soundtrack was B Sides from 1987. 

I one two skip a few-ed to the end, checked in periodically, it didn't get any better for me."

Monster Honey
"I thought it was genuine with some great quippy dialogue. It is obvious the filmmakers have a deep fondness for the subject material. It really came across without being indulgent or taking itself too seriously."

Revenge Honey
"Goddamn this movie for being so fucking cute: damn it straight to hell for how much I freaking loved it!" (I totally own this review. And I can't frigging stand romantic comedies. The cheese stands alone and is FINE WITH IT!)


Dark Comedy Honey
"I'm afraid I cannot participate in this one due to the homicidal rage which overtakes me when forced to watch any sort of romantic comedy. Any other sort of film is fine but this genre... not even for the fabulousness that is the Horror Honeys.

Very sorry, but countless lives have been saved by me not watching. So all balances in the end...."

Hardcover Honey
"So I watched all of Son of Ghostman last night and it was.............OK?  I did like the main guy, although I got more of a "skinny slightly whinier Ben Affleck" vibe off of him.  I started off thinking the nephew (Zack?) was the worst actor in the history of actors but he grew on me.  My favorite line was when they were talking about how he threw the first video up on his site and then Denny asked him "Really?  What are people saying?" and Zack said "It's the Internet.  People say everything." - So true.

So overall, I'd say not bad for an an amateur effort - good chemistry with the leads and so on, but obviously low-budget and a few too many musical montages."

YES, chemistry!

Zombie Honey
"Would love to be involved....except that I have waaaaay too much on my plate this month already. :( Sorry." - NaNoWriMo strikes again!