The Horror Honeys: Monday Honey Jam: 'A Southern Thing'

Monday Honey Jam: 'A Southern Thing'

Now when they held up a bank in Mobile, 
They finally made it on the evening news
She's a Georgia peach, never within reach
He's a felon from Baton Rouge

Like your love songs of the "Bonnie and Clyde" variety? Then this slow-burning, sexy jam from New Orleans band Better Than Ezra should be right up your alley. (And before you ask, YES, they did have more than one song, and YES, they are awesome, so shut your cake holes.) From their album Before the Robots, "A Southern Thing" is the perfect song to pop on while you sip some whiskey and clean your gun on the front porch. Or, however it is that you kids spend your evenings. No judgments.