The Horror Honeys: Hardcover Honey's Book of the Week!

Hardcover Honey's Book of the Week!

A Hardcover Honey Local Author Review

In the Shadows - Adam Roberts

Here in Kansas City, believe it or not, we have a pretty awesome little film community, with several independently owned movie theaters and some fun bigger players too, like Alamo Drafthouse.  One of my very favorite spots is The Screenland Theater on Armour Rd, a two-screen location with tons of great beer, friendly staff and kick-ass popcorn.  They show all kinds of movies, from big blockbuster types (I pulled my kid out of school a little early for a recent 4:15 matinee of Thor: The Dark World, yes, Mom of the Year) to smaller films, like the recent A.C.O.D and In a World.  In October, they did lots of cool horror flicks and double-features and you can tell that the owners, Adam Roberts and Brent Miller, have a love for the scary stuff.

Needless to say, I was excited to see that Adam was releasing his first book recently and immediately stopped by the theater to pick up a copy.  "In the Shadows" took me less than an hour to read - it's a quick series of spooky tales and poems, highlighted with delightfully eerie illustrations by Erin Pearce.  It has a very "urban legend" feel to it, like stories you would tell over a campfire in middle school that gave everybody an excuse to shriek and huddle closer together.  Standout tales for me included the two-paragraph "Hide N Go Seek", "The Stay", and "Here Piggy", along with "Candy Apple" which was perfect Halloween reading for me (if not for my second-grader) before trick or treating.  And as a confirmed Botox addict (don't judge), I especially enjoyed "New Skin".  

"In the Shadows" doesn't show up on Amazon, so to order a copy, call Screenland at 816-421-9700.

Hardcover Honey's Rating - 3 creepy bookworms out of 5, although I am rounding up because I loved the illustrations.