The Horror Honeys: Son of Monsterpalooza: Honey Invasion

Son of Monsterpalooza: Honey Invasion

A Head Honey, Revenge Honey and Monster Honey Adventure!

Son of Monsterpalooza!  October 11-13th, Burbank California

Every year there are a zillion and one horror conventions to attend across North America, not to mention horror film festivals, themed meet-ups and whatever else people can cook up to enjoy horror year round.  Some people attend conventions for the stars who come to do meet and greets/autographs, some for the vendors, some for the panels, and some for the parties.  I'm not going to say that I'm old hat at attending conventions, but I've definitely been to a fair few as a vendor, contest participant, exhibitor, media, and as a regular attendee type.  Every time I go, it's a different experience.  Vendors don't usually leave the safety of their booths except for bathroom breaks and to refresh their "water bottles"(heh), contest participants are terrified of everything and have contest blinders on...same for exhibitors...demo face.  Attending as media, though, that's where shit gets real.  I've been really spoiled attending events as a blogger/writer/photographer because we get to see EVERYTHING.  Those magical media passes get you into panels, exclusive one on one interviews, and pretty much whatever else you want.  Sadly, at Son of Monsterpalooza, despite my attempts to get us press passes, weeks without a response from the only contact email provided meant that while we ARE media, the Honey's attended Son of Monsterpalooza like the rest of the herd.

We're media goddammit.

As we weren't "officially" media, the ladies and I took it upon ourselves to press as much horror fan flesh as possible and pretty much littered the entirety of Burbank with Honey Money, buttons, and some precious stickers (one kid chased me for some).  I think I even left some in the airport on my way home...

My extended weekend in LA confirmed for me a few things, A) I love my girls.  Hardworking, badass, dedicated, and so much fun B) Doing a shit ton of social media work for a company that is barely active on Facebook is a frustrating exercise.  C) Horror conventions are pretty much the only place that I actually feel at home and not completely out of's nice to not be the only freak sometimes D) Next year, we're going to Days of the Dead.  

The Revenge Honey Perspective!

I hate to admit this, especially given my deeply cherished position as a Horror Honey, but I have never been to a horror convention before. Comic book conventions: yes. I've faced my share of bronies (shiver) and guys who carry the lovely scent of Eau de Mom's Basement. But other than bonding time with the other Honeys, I didn't entirely know what to expect at Son of Monsterpalooza. And, while I can't say my mind was blown, I definitely enjoyed my time at the Burbank Marriott with all the other horror fans letting their freak flags fly.

Based on my time at ComicCons, I know that what I always look forward to most are the panels, and this is really where SoM was lacking. There weren't many panels to choose from, and the one that the Head Honey and I did attend was interesting, but not fantastic. At "The Land of 1000 Faces" panel, two planted audience members were made up as Frankenstein's Monster and a modified version of his Bride by makeup artists who got their start at Universal and are now leaders in the industry. The process was fascinating, especially for a makeup junkie like myself, but it would have been more exciting had the participants not obviously been chosen beforehand. The panel was hosted by actor Chris Mulkey, who I just adore, so it was exciting to hear his stories from the early years at Universal. But, an intro video steeped in cheesiness and seemingly aimed at some sort of early education film class and not horror addicts, put me a little on edge. Other than this particular panel, there was really not much to choose from.

Head Honey, Jeffrey Combs, and Revenge Honey!
RH Highlights!

Jeffrey Combs, Dee Wallace, and Robert Rusler: Despite my tremendous love of horror, I am always more than a little apprehensive to meet actors. After a particularly unpleasant encounter with John Cusak, I just pretty much assume most celebrities are going to disappoint me. However, the horror icons who were doing signings at SoM were absolutely wonderful. Jeffrey Combs was funny, friendly, and genuinely seemed to get a kick out of the fact that I asked him to sign my copy of The Frighteners, easily one of my favorites of his performances. Dee Wallace was crazy supportive of the work that the Horror Honeys do, offering advice and "girl power!" that is always appreciated. Robert Rusler, of Weird Science, Nightmare on Elm Street 2, and Vamp fame, added a fun boost of entertainment to the end of our Sunday, and even joined us outside for a chat. Fact: Horror actors kick ass.

Robert Rusler and Head Honey!

The Floor/Exhibitions: There were a tremendous amount of cool exhibitions from makeup artists, designers, and vendors on the main floor at SoM.  My two favorite vendors were...

Hairy Scary Hair Clips & Accessories: Very unique pieces of nature/horror inspired hair clips and accessories for the Honey who wants to combine girly and ghoulish...

The Mighty Squirm: Awesome history and gothic horror-based clothing! Head Honey and I both got shirts from this nifty company, and they are definitely worth checking out.

Overall, Son of Monsterpalooza may not have been perfect, but the Horror Honeys had a blast there, meeting other horror lovers and getting a chance to connect in person with some killer Twitter peeps! (We are talking to YOU, @brawlinbo!) There are definitely worse ways to spend a weekend, darklings. <3

Monster Honey Perspective!

Son Fetus of Monsterpalooza – October 2013

Oh boy- another convention with my name written all over it (literally)! Having attended the larger “parent” event at the same location just six months earlier (Monsterpalooza), naturally I expected the same level of entertainment. Unfortunately, I was wrong. What DID entertain was the epic FIRST meeting of the Head Honey, Revenge Honey, Revenge Honey accomplice, and Monster Honey- in the flesh! These broads know how to party until the mad cows come home. I just hope the hotel used industrial strength bleach.  

Son of Monsterpalooza had the same level of artistic talent on display, which I will highlight below, but was severely lacking in the panels and special guests department. I wasn’t particularly interested in any of the panels so I spent the better part of 2.5 days roaming the jam-packed convention floor. I know, sounds boring, but even after walking the floor 15 times, you could still find something new and interesting around every corner. Perhaps the BEST part of attending these events is meeting other fans of the genre. Whether its artists, filmmakers, twitter friends or costumed crazies, the passion and camaraderie really shines through across the spectrum. 


Rawhead Rex, a Clive Barker Favorite
A monster convention simply wouldn’t be complete without a healthy dose of monster eye candy, so feast your peepers on these Monster Honey convention faves!

Can't beat the classics!

Who let the terror dog out!?!

This Blade 2 beauty needs some Type O - STAT!

Uncle Al was never the same after the electroshock therapy...

The Monster Honey "Pick of Destiny"


A horror convention also wouldn’t be complete without plenty of wackos- ehem- people, wandering around creepily in costumes. Check out a few of the best ghouls I found:
Jacko Lantern

D'Zombie Unchained

Homey Don't Play That

The DIEnamic Duo

This creep had spinning googly eyes in his mask!!!

After checking out the sights ALL weekend, I said goodbye to my fellow Honeys and began the long trek home down the I-5. But hey- it’s October- so I made a short detour and ventured into a giant warehouse of a Halloween store clearly visible from the freeway. Having seen it so many times before but never stopping, I was excited about the prospect of what I would find inside. Roughly nine million square feet and ten thousand people later, I came out empty handed and hopeless for the general public. 


The cheap plastic weapons, the gaudy laughable animatronics, the rows and rows of cheaply made cookie cutter costumes…. REALLY AMERICA?! Is this the best you got? After spending the weekend among artists and fans who TRULY appreciate the genre, it really drove the point home that we are ON OUR OWN here. This Halloween, I implore you- all of you- to put your thinking caps on and get creative! Whatever you do and however you do it- DON’T BE A HALLOWEEN STORE COSTUME DROP-OUT!

Son of Monsterpalooza was a feast for the eyes, some great inspiration for the Halloween season, and a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon, but not your entire weekend. Save your vacation time and hard earned cash for the real deal in April- Monsterpalooza!