The Horror Honeys: Horror Game Trailer of the Week!

Horror Game Trailer of the Week!

Silent Hill (1999)

What is it: A horror survival game for Playstation

By: Konami/Team Silent

Why it's fucking scary:  To avoid the limitations of circa 1999 systems, the developers used a shit load of fog and darkness to muddle the graphics, and hide the monsters coming to get your ass. Unlike other survival horror games that focused on characters with military backgrounds and training/skills Harry Mason is just an average guy.  We all know that it fucking SUCKS to be an average dude when crazy shit starts happening in video games.

The Silent Hill franchise is a continual horror winner, not only for console and PC games, but in the film world as well.  With 9 core games and 4 spin offs to choose from, plus a complete messed up mythology to go with it; I dare you to stay away from Silent Hill, just watch out for those nurses...