The Horror Honeys: Fright Favorites: FIGHT!

Fright Favorites: FIGHT!

Fight for Your Frigging Life Edition

What's beter than just surviving the horror film? Knowing you kicked some fucking ass to do it, that's what!  We may all love a good death scene, but there is even more intensity in watching an epic battle to the death. Be it between Jason and his inevitably doomed victim, or a badass final girl that you know will survive all the way to the credits, there is little more satisfying than watching it all play out. That is why part two of our series on primal urges is dedicated to our favorite fight scenes in horror films! Do you have a favorite battle royale in horror movies? Let us know, by shouting it on Twitter, #epichorrorbattles!

SciFi Honey sympathizes as Dana (Kristin Connolly) fights 
a zombified backwoods idiot in The Cabin in the Woods

Dark Comedy Honey gets a howl out of Spoon (Darren Morfitt) tumbling
with a werewolf in Dog Soldiers

Revenge Honey chooses the whole fucking movie Inside.
Seriously. Have you seen that movie? You know I'm right.

Monster Honey likes her fight scenes bloody, like the blood rave scene in Blade

Head Honey gets punchy while watching Lt. Ripley take on xenomorphs in Aliens

Hardcover Honey chooses a scene in honor of her hubby who laughs himself silly when
Rowdy Roddy Piper & Keith David fight incessantly in They Live

Zombie Honey finds stabby bliss in the final showdown between deadly little Miho (Devon Aoki)
and Jackie Boy (Benicio Del Toro) in Sin City

Supernatural Honey thinks the showdown between Peter Cushing & 
Christopher Lee in Horror of Dracula is fang-tastic.