The Horror Honeys: The Honeys Love Horror TV: 'Fringe'

The Honeys Love Horror TV: 'Fringe'

JJ Abrams' Fringe could easily be subtitled The Little Show That Could. Despite multiple threats from Fox, season after season, that it would be cancelled, fans rallied around this scifi mind-bender and kept it on the air for five seasons. And thank Godzilla! Because anything less would have left fans even more in the dark than anyone who wasn't one the all-seeing Observer (played by my all-time favorite Sweeney Todd, Michael Cerveris, but that's for another post.)

This is NOT a good twin/bad twin thing. Trust.
For those who didn't watch this fan-frigging-tastic show (I'm actually one of them... I binge-watched on Netflix), Fringe follows the investigations of the FBI's Fringe division, a section of the government set aside to look into unexplained scientific phenomena. HOWEVER, it is SO much more than that. There are alternative universes, doppleg√§nger characters, mind-melds, LSD, random erections (YOU HEARD ME!). There was almost nothing that Fringe didn't try and frankly, I loved it that much more its' sheer fucking audacity.

She is on SO much LSD right now.
And the characters! You straight up fall in love with them. Anna Torv as Agent Olivia Dunham: A woman who kicks as much ass as any action star I've ever seen, especially given there are two of her. (She also does a KILLER Leonard Nemoy impression, but more on that
when you watch.) Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop: a wayward son who could hold the key to our very existence. John Noble as Doctor Walter Bishop: a mad scientist/possibly evil politician who could be responsible for the end of our very existence. Between the main and sub-characters, you quickly found yourself invested in every minute detail of these fictional people's lives.

To give away much more than I already have would be to ruin the show, but suffice to say I think you should quickly add this to you queue and binge-watch immediately if you aren't already a Fringe fan. Between the guaranteed dose of gore in every episode and the OH MY GOD NO! cliffhangers, you won't be able to stop watching. I know that I lost weeks to that tempter JJ Abrams. Join me, won't you? You won't regret it, and how many shows can you actually say that about and mean it? *cough cough* LOST *cough cough* ~ Revenge Honey

He likely has an erection here. Don't ask. Just watch.