The Horror Honeys: The Hardcover Honey Book of the Week!

The Hardcover Honey Book of the Week!

'The Silent Wife' by A.S.A. Harrison

I can't remember who recommended this one to me, but it was perfect for a rainy Sunday read. It's not gory or scary necessarily, so it's a little out of my usual scope of "book of the week" but I still liked it.  Told in alternating chapters (hers/his), it's the story of long-time couple Jodi and Todd, a wealthy and self-satisfied Chicago pair. Tracking the dissolution of their relationship as they hurtle towards a tragedy alluded to on the very first page, this book caught me by surprise a few times and had me rooting for some pretty unsympathetic characters to get what they deserved. It was short, suspenseful and fairly plausible and if you can get past the blurb that deems it "even better than Gone Girl!" (it's not), you may also find this one worth your time! 

Hardcover Honey's Evil Bookworms: 3 out of 5