The Horror Honeys: The Hardcover Honey Book of the Week!

The Hardcover Honey Book of the Week!

Josie and Jack by Kelly Braffet

A month or so prior to reading the new Kelly Braffet book Save Yourself, I picked up Josie and Jack recently in paperback because the cover intrigued me and I saw that a Goodreads friend had rated the book highly. I read it quickly in one hot summer Saturday and haven't stopped thinking about it since. A sort of twisted take on Hansel & Gretel, the story focuses on two siblings, 16-year-old Josie and 18-year-old Jack, who live with their horrible and mostly absent professor father in a ramshackle old mansion outside a small town. Their mother is dead, their schooling occasional and their focus is each other. Boy, is it.

Though not explicit, this story of their possessive dark affection for each other leaves little doubt about the nature of their relationship, and anytime outsiders appear in the story, a sense of foreboding falls, as there's not much room in Josie or Jack's life for anyone other than each other. This was a gothic tale that was ambiguous, dreamlike and left me feeling uneasy throughout. I loved it.

Hardcover Honey's Evil Bookworms: 4 out of 5