The Horror Honeys: Scream Queen Hall of Fame: Mia Wasikowska

Scream Queen Hall of Fame: Mia Wasikowska

While the Australian-born Mia Wasikowska hasn't made dozens of horror films, the ones she has starred in have been so super affective, it's hard to deny that this diminutive pixie is deserving of a place in our Scream Queen Hall of Fame. One of Mia's first film's was the Aussie killer croc movie Rogue, and her performance in the twisted family drama Stoker is one for the horror annals. Just watch the last scene in Stoker, and you'll be convinced that her role in Jim Jarmusch's vampire love triangle Only Lovers Left Alive is pretty much tailor-made. (I mean, she's already pretty pale.) So welcome to the SQHF Mia! You've got a great career ahead of you.

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