The Horror Honeys: Haunted Dolls and Horror Toys: McFarlane Toys

Haunted Dolls and Horror Toys: McFarlane Toys

A Head Honey Spotlight

As a longtime collector of creepy things, and as my collection seems to expand at an alarming rate for the size of my apartment, I thought it might be a good time to explore the art of horror collecting.  I'm a sucker for detail, especially creepy detail.  Beginning with my fascination with Spawn comics back in the day, when I discovered that Todd McFarlane made TOYS, I was done.

McFarlane makes horror SEXY
My personal collection now includes a good selection of the Twisted Fairy Tales (only the ones I really loved, including a RARE Red Riding Hood), Faces of Madness III (full set, including a rare variant of Erzbet Bathory), and a Dorothy of Oz 12-inch (so, so hot).  I'm also one of those collectors who doesn't take anything out of the package...super lame, I know, so I love seeing these little beauties set up with all of their accessories.  Now, despite the fact that McFarlane's toy's have taken some flack recently in some circles, I'm still a big fan (I just can't say no to that ONE BIG BOOT style) and I'll keep collecting...especially now that I've been perving their catalogue...GAH.
RAH RAH Rasputin

Below are the greatest horror hits of the McFarlane horror toy empire: 

 McFarlane's Monsters: Faces of Madness
As True Crime Honey, these little darlings really make my heart go pitter-pat...maybe that's why I own all of them...

Oh, Miss Redd...How sharp your knife is...

Twisted Fairy Tales
How could you NOT love these guys...your favourite Fairy Tales, turned into gory messes, disgusting blobs, or into downright uber hot tattooed vixens with a mind for bloody revenge.

Clive Barker: Infernal Parade
Clive Barker: Tortured Souls 
Any devotee of Clive Barker's dark world will love these beautiful creatures, I know I adore them...for the creepy someone in your life that has everything, there's a Clive Barker figurine for the occasion.  The Tortured Souls Collection is a Head Honey favourite...and they're hard to find.  Dearest Gods Beneath, give me that Cenobite beauty.

Walking Dead
A 10" Darryl Dixon figurine? Need I say more?

Twisted Christmas
Now, I'm not much for Christmas, but Mrs. Clause can swing on my pole any time...wait, was that awkward?

Twisted Land of Oz
*Head Honey's hubby note:  Dorothy also comes in 12" maquette size...

This is the first instalment in a series of spotlights on the best in Horror Toys and Collectibles.  Brought to you by Head Honey's favourite place to find all these creepy gems: Cherry Bomb Toys located in Victoria, BC.