The Horror Honeys: A Bloody Masterpiece: The Soska Twins' 'American Mary'

A Bloody Masterpiece: The Soska Twins' 'American Mary'

A Revenge Honey Review

American Mary (2012)

When the pool of women working in the horror world is as small as it is, it's definitely true that you have to watch each other's backs. However, that doesn't mean that every female writer or director that pops up gets a free pass just for having a vag. I know I make a conscious effort to be just as bitchy when I'm watching a movie written by a woman as I would be if I were watching a movie written by a man; especially when it sucks. But there is an immense amount of pleasure that comes with watching a fan-frigging-tastic movie that was written AND directed by not one but TWO talented women. Put that in your penis and smoke it. Or something like that.

American Mary, written and directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska (who work under the mantle of The Twisted Twins) is easily one of the most original and unusual horror films I've seen in a while. Is it because it was crafted from the minds of women? Is it because it came from the minds of Canadians? Who knows, really. And frankly, who cares? All that matters is that if you have a pulse and you love bloody horror awesomeness, American Mary is the film for you kiddies!

Mary tells the story of Mary Mason (Katherine Isabelle), a gifted surgical student painfully short on money with no hope in sight of changing her circumstances. When she sees an ad looking for strippers, she answers, but a badly beaten man in the basement in need of her talents is where the real money lies. Before she knows what happened, she finds herself swept up in the world of underground body modification. Mary is making boatloads of cash, but a party at a professor's apartment leads her down a road of personal horror. Bloody revenge abounds against the backdrop of the extreme body mod, leading to some of the most insane surgical scenes I've ever seen in a horror film in my life.

American Mary isn't the perfect movie by any means, but its' imperfections are what make it such an endearing film. There are moments when Mary makes decisions and you will basically want to backhand her; decisions that seem obviously stupid to an outsider, but they are the decisions of a desperate and broke student. Mary also brings to light many questions about what makes someone beautiful; is it the person they were born or is it the person they become? More importantly, does anyone have the right to stop someone from becoming who they believe they were destined to be? American Mary is the kind of horror film that seems simple on the surface but realistically, masks the kind of philosophical questions we should all be asking ourselves from time to time.

As is usually the case with the best revenge films, if I go crazy sharing the details of why this is a Revenge Honey-approved film, I would spoil the shit out of it for you. But suffice to say, you will not be disappointed if you love some solid sick and twisted revenge scenes. Jen and Sylvia Soska know what they are doing and they are not afraid to go straight for the absolute most visceral core when it comes to bloodletting. These women are epic monsters in the absolute best sense of the word. Here's hoping American Mary is just the beginning of what we see from them.

Stabby Points: 4 1/2 out 5 (minus 1/2 point because there is no room for a sequel... sad face!)