The Horror Honeys: 100 words to capture your soul...

100 words to capture your soul...

A Hardcover Honey Review

Popcorn Horror – A Micro-Review (100 Words!)

Tiny stories of terror make up the very fun “Popcorn Horror” (available on Kindle for $0.99 and worth every penny). Fan-created and required to be less than 100 words, the standouts include stories that are by turns:

Hypnotic (“Turnabout” by Linnie Helpern, our own Revenge Honey)

Satisfying (“The Elder Tree” by Teresa Basset)

Artsy (“Computing for the Terrified” by Sarah Telford)

Chilling (“Carnival” by Katelin Sentovic)

Wry (“Confused by Death” by Joanna Mackintosh)

Funny (“Get Stuffed” by Sharron Preston)

Great illustrations too!

Hardcover Honey Says: Forget that iTunes single, and spend the $0.99 on this treat from Popcorn Horror instead. Halloween is coming!

Head Honey Note:  Popcorn Horror is a Horror Honey FAVOURITE pastime, short horror films available for FREE on your iPad/iPhone/mobile the app and treat yourself to some amazing short horror.  Emphasis on Quality.  Highly Recommended.