The Horror Honeys: Inner City vs. Outer Space

Inner City vs. Outer Space

A Special Sci-Fi Guest Honey Review

Attack the Block (2011)

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To be totally honest, I'm an Anglophile especially when it comes to most things science fiction. Anyone in their right mind will have to admit that the English have been doing Sci-Fi better than the US for decades. Do I really need to give you an example? Hello, fifty years of Doctor Who.

I feel like practically no one has seen this great film, so this is my attempt to bring to light a sci-fi horror flick that you probably missed. American distributors don't make it easy and I don't even think this got a real release in theatres, so I'm shouting from the mountain top, RENT THIS MOVIE! I'm not afraid to admit I am a biased party, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie the first, second and third time I've seen it. And I honestly cannot say that there are that many movies today that I will willingly re-watch just for funsies.

This somewhat independent film gets away with a generic alien invasion storyline that is well executed with a group of talented young actors. Thankfully, this movie isn't trying to be incredibly intellectual or original so once your ears adjust to the dialogue it's rather easy to follow. It begins with a gang of street kids that run wild because there just aren't any adults to supervise most of them. Shortly after the start of the film the boys encounter one of the aliens. And what do you think they do? Something stupid of course! They kill the alien. May I ask, why do boys/men often go with "let's go kill it?" Am I the only one that's more of a "run away!?" kind of person? Don't they realize they're in a horror movie?

Once the action starts the movie takes off running, Thank the Maker! The boys end up having to run for their lives because they discover that there's more than one type of alien around and they are angry. The gang makes it home and discovers that home isn't as safe as they thought it would be. But they do discover that these different type of aliens can also be killed, it was just a lot more difficult. And worse of all, these more badass aliens are like ninjas. They are capable of completely blending into the night and cloaking themselves with fog. You honestly don't really see them until they open their mouths and by then it's too late. You're dead.

As the story progresses you are introduced to various nefarious characters such as the local drug dealer and his grower. (Nick Frost alert!) I'm not sure if the subplots with the paranoid druggies add or detract from the movie? But if nothing else they will have you laughing at the most ridiculous one liners. I did mention Nick Frost right? I was a little annoyed at the random stupidity of many of the outside people in this film. Close-up on the "hardass" drug dealer. How can you mistake these really creepy vicious aliens for dogs? Or anything else that is everyday? Obviously stupid people deserve to die in horror films, no discussion. And you won't be disappointed, for the most part. 

No spoilers here but you can probably already guess that the gang saves the day. 

Attack the Block gets major kudos from me for having such a multiracial cast which is more representative of what you'd actually find in South London. I also like that the leader of the group, Moses, wasn't just a one dimensional character. As the film went on we got to see Moses' character develop amongst the chaos of being hunted down by the mysterious black aliens. My only real gripe about the movie is that everyone seemed oblivious to these aliens even though we see them drop throughout the city of London. Why weren't other people calling the authorities? In the very end the police seemed a little bit unreasonable and quite frankly just plain absurd. But luckily, the final moments are redeeming. 

Bottom Line: If you're looking for a bloody icky alien invasion movie, you may be disappointed. But if you enjoy being creeped out by the unknown and darkness this is truly your kind of a film. It uses its limited budget to give you a fun ride from the jump.

Advice from Puka: "If you're not used to South London accents I recommend using subtitles. You're welcome"

Blaster Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Blasters* 
Han shot first!

*Because 5 Blasters is nearly impossible to obtain from this Honey.