The Horror Honeys: How Many Men Does it Take to Write the Perfect Horror Heroine?

How Many Men Does it Take to Write the Perfect Horror Heroine?

A Revenge Honey Review

Apparently: just one. Written by Simon Barrett and directed by Adam Wingard, You’re Next features easily what is the most singularly badass horror heroine in this Honey’s recent memory. She is a shining bloody beacon in sea of tripping, screaming blonde bimbos to which all young women should aspire. BUT… more on that later.

Based on the trailers for You’re Next, one would think they were in for a run-of-the-mill home invasion stalk-o-horror, along the lines of The Strangers. But, if you know any of Wingard and Barrett’s previous work (either the film A Horrible Way to Die or their work in the anthologies V/H/S/2 and The ABCs of Death) then you know that nothing is ever that simple. When a family of rich dysfunctionals and their significant others gather together for their parent’s wedding anniversary, three masked killers outside begin picking the quibbling family members off one by one. What these bow and arrow-wielding psychos don’t know is that one of the women in the house (played to kickass perfection by Sharni Vinson) is equipped with more than enough of the skills needed to survive. 

I’m not giving any more away about the plot because some of the best moments of the film come on behalf of the twists. However, suffice to say nothing in this family of spoiled bickering brats is quite as it seems. As the bodies pile up, Wingard’s flare for grisly death scenes and awesome gore comes alive. The films most electrifying and utterly unnerving moments come at the end of a machete or a screwdriver or a… blender. If you plan on seeing You’re Next for the blood and guts, you will NOT be disappointed, because you get both in abundance. 

But if, like me, you venture into every horror film with fresh hope that there will be some female character that kicks ass and takes names instead of falling on her ass and taking dick, then you will leave the theatre with a skip in your step! Sharni Vinson’s Erin doesn’t just have the ability to survive the multiple attacks on her life; she is a cunning, organized, long-legged harbinger of death. Erin is not only prepared for every situation that occurs in the movie, but also she is completely able to acclimate and endure no matter what new insanity is thrown in her face. She is the literal manifestation of every single trait the Horror Honey’s advocate: adaptability, intelligence, wile, strength, endurance, independence, power, and fierceness. Normally you need Joss Whedon for this kind of amazing female characterization, but good on Simon Barrett for finally giving us the horror heroine we deserve.

You’re Next may not be the perfect horror film (some of the acting from the supporting players is a wee bit hammy, though I loved the cameo from director Ti West.) But between the awesome gore/effects and the brilliantly written Erin character, I really just enjoyed the shit out of Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett’s movie. You’re Next will hopefully usher in the next age of women in horror.

Stabby Points: 4 out of 5