The Horror Honeys: The Lady Love of the Horror Honeys

The Lady Love of the Horror Honeys

A Revenge Honey Love Fest

This is what comes of over-educating,
mentally over-stimulating,
too much serious conversating,
organized religion-hating,
sinful over-copulating,
marriage without procreating,
girl-on-girl caught lesbiating,
she was caught while masturbating,
they all mind manipulating,
chronically hallucinating,
certainly there's no debating,
some we just find fascinating,
women's rights facilitating,
independent thought creating,
she just may be complicating,
get your money out we're waiting
To see those
~Girls! Girls! Girls! – By Emilie Autumn

What?!?  I'm totally harmless...
Women: they can be a giant pain in the ass. Throughout the majority of my life, I’ve never had a lot of female friends. I’ve never really understood them, and they sure as shit didn’t understand me. I have always always loved horror films, and maybe been a little aggressive, and then an ex-boyfriend in college told his new girlfriend that I would beat her up if she looked at me wrong. (That wasn’t true. He was just a dick.) But, the impression was made, and I have always just assumed that my existence as part of the horror community would be spent surrounded by greasy Bruce Campbell fanboys who smelled of Eau de Mom’s Basement. (No offense. Rock on Greasy Dudes!) But then, I met other Horror Honeys, and nothing has been the same since.

Recently, there was a bit of controversy in the community when a certain female horror blogger was discovered to have plagiarized a good portion of her work from other, less known, harder working writers. This got me to thinking about the Honeys and all we give up to write about horror. Our Head Honey, Kat, works about ten full time jobs, in addition to corralling this crazy awesome group of opinionated women into a coherent whole. Some of us are moms, some work other insanely stressful jobs, but all of us share a deep passion for horror films. So what made this blogger think it was ok to steal from other writers like us, who give up our lives just to write about the films we love and then share that love with you? Beats the hell out of me. But for every wretched thief that tries to make us look bad, we will just fight that much harder to be heard.

Because the truth is, horror is hard enough for women without one of our own turning on us and making us look bad in such a fundamental way. By becoming a Honey, I learned that it is possible to connect with other women who not only love horror, but also have an encyclopedic knowledge of it that rivals my own. It is important, now more than ever, that we keep creating as writers and filmmakers and artists, and as fans we make it clear that we have a voice when it comes to what we want to see in cinemas.

Does it suck when a woman tries to climb over the rest of us and make it to the top based on nice tits and the ability to cut and paste? You bet. But she won’t win. Because the Horror Honeys aren’t just the six of us working our awesome asses off for you guys week after week: it is every lady and fella that follows us and tells us what you love about horror.

Still, I am endlessly grateful I met these five women. Especially because, well, if I DID have to beat up someone’s girlfriend, I know they’d be right beside me, throwing punches and quoting lines from Friday the 13th.