The Horror Honeys: Get down with your stabby self!

Get down with your stabby self!

A Gift from the Revenge Honey

Instead of writing a review or Top Five this week, I have decided to bestow a gift upon you kiddos. (You better appreciate it too because being nice isn’t something the Revenge Honey does often.) Not too long ago, I wrote a list of my Top Five favorite revenge songs. Narrowing it down to five wasn’t an easy task, because there are SO many awesome odes to getting down with your stabby self. So this week, I have made a Spotify playlist of the 15 absolute best revenge tunes, just for you loyal Horror Honey readers.

From my personal Revenge Honey anthem, Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do by Robyn to a song inspired by the movie that inspired the Kill Bill movies, this list will pump you up, get you rocking, and drive you to the brink of madness. And, should you feel inspired to share the playlist with someone deserving of the pointy end of a giant stick, have at it Honey Lovers!

For those of you that already have Spotify, just follow the link below. If you don’t have Spotify yet, it’s an awesome music service that let’s you listen to music for free with only the occasional ad. You can spring for the ad free premium version if you want, but you don’t have to. Just download and start rocking out! 

I’d love to hear what you think of the list, so let me know! However, if you just want to insult my musical tastes, feel free to sit on the pointy end of that giant stick I mentioned earlier. 

Gore and kisses!