Honey Buzz ~ Norman is Back... And Bates-y-er Than Ever!

If, like many of the Honeys, you've been anxiously awaiting news on Season 3 of A&E's Bates Motel, this teaser should do well to hold you over until March! Because while it's brief, it tells us plenty about what's to come in this next season for our favorite budding psychopath and his dotting mum!

You'll scream till dawn!

A Supernatural Honey Holiday Horror Nightmare by Suzanne

To All a Goodnight (1980)

I thought after I watched all of the Silent Night, Deadly Night sequels last year, I had subjected myself to the worst holiday horror had to offer. Man, was I wrong! To All a Goodnight was never on my radar until it was recently released on blu-ray. In other words, I’m currently kicking myself in the head for buying this.

Directed by horror staple David Hess, this film takes something from every 70s slasher film and, naturally, does nothing new or creative with it.

Holiday Honey Jam: 'Baby, It's Cold Outside'

There was probably a chapter in that book titled,
"How to Slip That Classy Dame a Mickey!"

Have you ever listened to this swinging holiday classic? Really listened? As a catchy background tune for your Christmas cocktail party, it's harmless enough. But then, you stop and analyze the lyrics...

Put some records on while I pour
The neighbors might think
Baby, it's bad out there
Say! What's in this drink?
No cabs to be had out there

Yup! That song that you love singing at holiday karaoke with your cutie cubicle mate is actually a Christmas ode to date rape. Think we're over-reaching? Let's keep reading...

I ought to say no, no, no sir
Mind if I move in closer?
At least I'm gonna say that I tried
What's the sense in hurting my pride?
I really can't stay.
Baby, don't hold out.

Put that in your holiday pipe and smoke it. And then enjoy this special Holiday edition of Horror Jams, featuring one of the best creepy covers of Baby, It's Cold Outside, by Zooey Deschanel and Leon Redbone!

Holiday Buzz ~ How the 'Dook Stole Christmas

That naughty Mr. Babadook... He's gone and done it again. I wonder what kind of presents he would leave under the tree?

Please enjoy this delightfully dark piece of holiday promo from IFC Midnight:

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Honey Buzz EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Scenes with Caesar & Otto!

The Horror Honeys' favorite half-brothers, Caesar and Otto, are at it again, and this time they are putting their very distinctive stamp on Halloween. In anticipation of the release of their newest film, Caesar and Otto's Paranormal Halloween, director Dave Campfield (Caesar himself) has shared a few exclusive "behind the scenes" photos with Horror Honey readers! Check out all the photos and get the details on Paranormal Halloween below...

Saturday Creepy Winter Cartoon ~ 'The Snow Man'

A "WTF 30s?!" Vintage Cartoon

If you're looking for a lovable scamp of a snowman with a corncob pipe and a button nose, you're not going to find him in 1932's The Snow Man, a cartoon of dramatically fucked-up proportions. But, if you prefer your snowy cartoon cinema of the, "wait. whaaaat?" variety, then join us as we visit an arctic village that is home to... THE SNOW MAN!

Dun dun dun...

Friday Favorites ~ Children in Horror Movies!

I think it's safe for everyone to go ahead and acknowledge it... Children are terrifying. They're small, they're messy, they're always moving, and when they aren't moving, you're afraid something is wrong with them. They irritate strangers and stress out even the parents who love them, mostly by behaving like children. You don't have to make a horror movie about a kid to prove that they are scary little rug monsters. But then, a bunch of writers went ahead and did it anyway. As a result, we have a literal treasure trove of classic horror films that revolve around children. They may be the killers, they may be the victims, but no mater what... You're afraid.

Do YOU have a favorite kid-centric horror movie? Let us know on Twitter, using #kidsinhorror!

Honey Buzz ~ American Crime...hello 90s.

As if I couldn't be MORE annoyed about the fact that Ryan Murphy's companion show to American Horror Story, American Crime, is even happening...OR the fact that they've decided to tackle one of the most sensationalized court cases in recent memory. Casting has begun for the first season: The People vs O.J. Simpson, with Cuba Gooding Jr portraying OJ, AHS series favorite Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark and today, according to THR, David Schwimmer has been added to the cast. He'll be the Kardashian in the courtroom.

Who WOULDN'T hire this lawyer?

Sidenote: I wonder if Kim and her vapid sisters will make an appearance. They obviously made money off of it...

Oh yeah, I can totally see it.
American Crime has also altered their storyline a little, and added some more information about the series' focus:
The 10-episode first season examines the O.J. Simpson trial as told from the perspective of the lawyers and is poised to explore the chaotic behind-the-scenes dealings and maneuvering on both sides of the court. More significantly, it will display how a combination of prosecution confidence, defense wiliness and the LAPD's history with the city's African-American community gave a jury what it needed: reasonable doubt.

I'm not on board, Mr. Murphy. No, sir.