The Babadook: Don’t let it in...

A Supernatural Honey New Release Review by Suzanne

The Babadook (2014)

I’ve been seeing a LOT of BS horror films lately and continuing to lose my faith that anything new will be worthy of true horror, save the odd indie film. Last night I stayed up past my bedtime and watched a film I should have watched with the lights on. Here at The Horror Honeys, we have been awaiting the arrival of The Babadook with much anticipation. Let me tell you, it was more than worth the wait.

Essie Davis stars as Amelia, a single mom who, for seven years, has mourned the death of her beloved husband. He died in a car accident as he was driving Amelia to give birth to their son, Samuel (Noah Wiseman). Not able to move on, she dotes on Samuel, who has an overactive imagination and is beyond hyperactive. Amelia finds a book called "Mr. Babadook." She begins to read it to Samuel until she realizes it will only fuel his imagination and fear. She tries to rid herself of it, but it comes back, more than once. Each time, the story is different and more violent. As the Babadook manifests itself, the safety and sanity of both characters is on the line.

Saturday Morning Creepy Cartoon ~ 'Runaway Brain'

A Nostalgic Cartoon Feature by Shannon

This article came up after we did the PG-13 Horror podcast and I was thinking back to my youth with creepy cartoons that I saw and this Disney cartoon comes to mind.

I first saw this short in theatres in 1995, when A Goofy Movie was released and Runaway Brain was the animated short that played before the film (I wish we still have cartoons playing in theatres, I’d rather watch old Tom and Jerry shorts than another commercial!) and suffice to say my mind was well...blown.

Sci-Friday Jam - 'Psychic City'

I used to live in a voodoo city, 
Where every little thing had it's own secret life.
I might be washing up the dishes
And the kitchen might say, 
"Hang around baby baby, hang around baby baby, 
Hang around baby we'll be baking a cake for you."

I first gravitated to this song by Portland, OR band Yacht because it reminded me so much of my favorite 80s band, The Waitresses. But the more I listened and learned about Yacht, the more I became entranced by their strange and subtle theatrics, their minimalist sound, and their clever lyrical style. However, Psychic City is still my personal favorite track. So listen and enjoy! (And the video for this song is awesome... I hope you appreciate the humorous reference at the beginning to a particular classic video we all grew up on!) ~RH

Friday Favorites ~ Haunted House Movies!

As Halloween creeps ever closer, nothing stirs the Honey Hexmas spirit quite like the thrill of a haunted house movie! From classics, like The House on Haunted Hill to new favorites like The Pact, horror films set in (possibly) haunted houses can rouse every imaginable emotion. This week, the Honeys have compiled their favorite haunted house films: some are comedic, some are dramatic, but all might leave you sleeping with the light on tonight!

Do YOU have a favorite haunted house movie? Let us know on Twitter, using #hauntedhousehorror!


A Sci-Fi Honey ‘Happy Hexmas’ Review by Katie

The Exorcist (1973)

Quick: what’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen? 

If your answer is not immediately The Exorcist – unless you have a really good reason why some other film holds this distinction for you – I would presume there is something seriously wrong with you and question your taste in horror, and films in general.  Since its illustrious debut in 1973, William Friedkin’s The Exorcist – based on a 1971 book by William Peter Blatty – has been lauded by countless critics and film aficionados alike as the scariest movie ever made.  The difference with this film, apart from others that have earned that distinction, is that this movie actually deserves it.  It is not just a well-made film that generated some palpable frights in its time; it is STILL a well-made film that manages to this day to instill real fear in modern-day viewers.  Any film that can remain relevant after being parroted and parodied by horror filmmakers for the last four decades is a feat unto itself, and should be celebrated this Hexmas season.

Honey Buzz ~ More Lizzie Borden at Lifetime!

With the exception of the inclusion of a modern music soundtrack (grumble), Lifetime's Lizzie Borden Took an Ax was actually great fun. And compared to some other Lizzie Borden-based films we've seen, it was basically Citizen Kane. But since the Christina Ricci-starring biopic pulled decent ratings and found an even bigger second life onDemand, Lizzie will be hatcheting her way back to the small screen in 2015!

Honey Buzz ~ Favorite movie death scenes SUPERCUT!

This might be the greatest thing I've ever seen. A supercut of the greatest death scenes in film as chosen by the directors of ABC's of Death 2, it includes some of my favorite death scenes, some that made you go WTF, and some that will make you chuckle, or if you're like me, laugh really loudly and wake up your pets.
The directors behind the 26 short films in ABCs OF DEATH 2 have undertaken an epic project to determine "The Greatest Movie Deaths of All Time" -- using no accepted scientific method and zero statistical analysis the filmmakers have each selected their favorite scene, arriving at a definitive list of shocking, tragic, funny and frightening deaths for the Halloween season.

The selections are as widely diverse as you'd expect with a global roster of filmmakers that hail from Austria, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, France, Israel, Japan, Lithuania, Nigeria, Philippines, the UK and the US. 

I’m so over this, I can’t even come up with a headline

A Supernatural Honey Review by Suzanne

Ouija (2014)

One thing I miss about NYC is a REAL screening. Screenings there are primarily press. Here in Chicago, the screenings are opened up to the public, where you not only contend with 2,000 anxious people just hoping to get in, but there is a good chance you’ll be sitting next to someone who says, “Ooooh, girl! I’m scared already!” then continues to chat throughout the film. And if I hadn’t already suffered enough by seeing Annabelle, Hollywood rubbed salt in my still fresh wound with Ouija.

Debbie and Laine are BFFs since childhood and the opening scene depicts the two of them sitting on Laine’s bedroom floor as Debbie introduces her to the “spirit board” for slumber party fun. There are rules, of course; don’t play in a graveyard, don’t ever play alone, and always say, “good bye.” If there are ghosts among you, all you have to do is look through the glass in the planchette and you can see them. Oooooh! Scary... (No it isn’t)