'Body Heat': As the Temperature Rises, the Suspense Begins...

A Revenge Honey Erotic Thriller November Review with Linnie

Body Heat (1981)

Some erotic thrillers go down in history not for the controversy they brew, but for the remarkable story they tell, and the skill of their cast. Lawrence Kasdan's Body Heat is one such movie. Responsible for launching the career of Kathleen Turner, as well as introducing the erotic thriller to the high brow filmgoer, Body Heat is the rare ET that stands the test of time, and avoids looking dated despite its very 80s feel.

It may be November, but strip down to your skivvies, and join me for the steamy experience that is Body Heat!

Horror Comics ~ Red Thorn #1

A Guest Comics Honey Review by Allison

Red Thorn #1

Writer: David Baillie
Artists: Meghan Hetrick, Steve Oliff (Colours), Todd Klein (letters), Choong Yoon (cover)
Publisher: Vertigo
Released: November 2015

Writing: 4/5
Characters: 3.5/5
Art: 4/5
Entertainment: 4/5

Overall: 4 sexy, naked, pagan gods out of 5!

On the rain-soaked streets of Glasgow, a girl whose drawings somehow come to life has just stumbled across her one true love. And thousands of miles below those streets, an ancient demi-god plots his escape from the prison where he’s been held for nearly two thousand years. Evil forces are at play and no one is safe as the legends of Scottish mythology collide with the modern world. Fans of FABLES and THE SANDMAN won’t want to miss this riveting dark fantasy epic! 

Dark fantasy is practically horror, right? I've been eagerly awaiting this series since I read an interview with the creative team promising spooky Scottish folklore and old-school Vertigo content.

"Bad Timing": A Possessive Man. An Independent Lady. Garfunkel's Balls.

A Revenge Honey Erotic Thriller November Review with Linnie

Bad Timing (1980)

Prior to diving into Erotic Thriller Month, there are a few things I never imagined myself saying. One of those things is, "an erotic thriller starring Hugh Grant," and you will never hear me talking about Bitter Moon again. But the other is, "an erotic thriller starring Art Garfunkel," and the different here is that Nicolas Roeg's Bad Timing is one of the strangest, creepiest, and most intriguing erotic thrillers I have ever seen.

From the visionary director of erotic horror film Don't Look Now, The Witches, and Walkabout, Bad Timing is an art house erotic thriller, and with the exception of exposing me to Art Garfunkel's balls against my will, it is a film that I won't be able to get out of my head for a long time.

Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'Mother Goose & Grimm'

Were you the kind of 80s/90s kid who couldn't WAIT to read the comics in the Sunday paper every week? Then you probably remember Mike Peters' Mother Good & Grimm, which was the basis for a Saturday morning cartoon of the same name! 

You'd be a lot worse off now, bud.
The strip (which still runs, happily) focused on Mother Goose and her pets, the most vocal of which was a bull terrier named Grimm. Full of clever pop culture references and endearing characters, Mother Goose and Grimm was primed for a cartoon, and those of us who watched it for the two years it aired have fond memories of this awesome little oddity.

Friday Favorites ~ Controversial Horror Films!

Some of the best horror movies in history caused quite a stir when they came out. Maybe they were banned in their home country (or everywhere), or perhaps they caused such a stir, people actually picketed the theaters where they played. Horror films touch a nerve, and sometimes that can result in people losing their minds over what they deem "inappropriate." Whether it's religion, violence, or sometimes both, horror films are hotbeds for controversy, and the Honeys wouldn't have it any other way. This week, we chose our favorite controversial horror films to share with you twisted kids.

What is YOUR favorite horror film that pissed off middle-America? Tell us on Twitter, using #horrorcontroversy!

'Bitter Moon': 50 Shades of Blech.

This poster is so UTTERLY deceiving.
I can't even.
A Revenge Honey Erotic Thriller November Review with Linnie

Bitter Moon (1992)

Sometimes, you make a snap judgment and come to regret it pretty soon thereafter. You see something, and you think, "Dear sweet baby Cthulhu, this is the most disgusting, awful thing I have ever, or could ever, see." I made this assumption about Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction. I was hasty. Because I hadn't yet watched Roman Polanski's Bitter Moon.

Bitter Moon is the most disgusting, awful thing I have ever, or could ever, see.

In a Deathmocracy, you Vote or Die...

A Sci-Fi Honey Review by Katie

Circle (2015)

Imagine waking up and finding yourself trapped in a room with 49 strangers – a scenario that by itself might cause you to wonder if you’re stuck in a nightmare. If you move, if you try to explore the room around you, or if you touch another person, a warning sound alerts you to impending danger. The stakes are higher than you could ever imagine, however; it turns out this scenario may be some kind of psychological game being perpetrated on the human race at the malevolent hands of an unseen extraterrestrial force. With all the action confined to a single space for the film’s 87-minute runtime, writer/directors Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione are tasked with the tremendous responsibility of keeping an audience engaged primarily through dialogue alone. The resulting film, aptly titled Circle, is a flawed but altogether fascinating look at human nature through the lens of an otherworldly event. For fifty strangers, how they communicate themselves to one another could mean the difference between life and death – and holds up a mirror to our own prejudices and predilections as viewers. 

'Jagged Edge': Murder, Passion, Jeff Bridges, Horses!

A Revenge Honey Erotic Thriller November Review with Linnie

Jagged Edge (1985)

I've never made any secret about the fact that I have no use for Fatal Attraction. But you know who I do love? Glenn Close. I think she's one of our greatest living actresses, and prior to Fatal Attraction, she'd already proven her skill in The Big Chill, The World According to Garp, and The Natural. In fact, prior to Fatal Attraction, Close was nominated for Best Supporting Actress Oscars for all three of the aforementioned movies. It just happened to be Fatal Attraction that finally brought this dynamo into the Lead Actor spotlight. And for that, I will always be grateful to Adrian Lyne's stupid movie.

Because Richard Marquand's Jagged Edge was not going to be the movie to do that for Glenn Close. And all the shots of Jeff Bridges being hot and playing with horses couldn't save a movie that wins November's award for "Movie I Wanted to Love, but Just... Didn't."

Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, AND BLOOD!

A Revenge Honey Thanksgiving Horror List by Linnie

Oh, Thanksgiving. For those of you who don't live in the states, this is the holiday when Americans gorge themselves on factory farmed turkey and pretend that the day ISN'T about that time we faked being friends with the Native Americans before we gave them small pox and took their land. Good times. Good times. If you're reading this, odds are you probably spend holidays watching horror films. And believe it or not, there are actually a handful of Thanksgiving horror films that are worth checking out! Are they all great? Nope. But if you're looking for an excuse to avoid your family, football, or both, they more than do the trick.

Thanksgiving Horror Short ~ 'Invaders'

Is there a better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with 300 gallons of blood and a short horror film?

We sure as hell don't think so!