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Happy Death Day: Or...

The Unexamined Life Is Worth Living, Again and Again and Again and...

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A Slasher Honey New Release Review with Chassity

Happy Death Day (2017)

There are certain things one expects when going to see a horror movie. There’s usually a lot of screaming, some jump scares, and someone is probably going to yell, “Why are you doing this to me?!” And of course, blood and gore usually come with the territory.

But then there are those elements that you don’t normally see in a horror film. You rarely get an emotional backstory, character-driven humor, or, these days, a murder mystery. It’s also becoming more and more unique to find a plot turns into a redemption story.

Happy Death Day, directed by Christopher Landon, has all of these things. And what begins as a simple twist on the slasher genre, morphs into a terrifying spin on Groundhog Day/A Christmas Carol that uses violence as a backdrop for a story that is really about how we deal with grief.

The Joy and Happiness of Hating: A Witch-Themed List for Hexmas!

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A Head Honey 'Witch Month' List with Linnie

"You will never escape my vengeance, or of Satan's! My revenge will seek you out, and with the blood of your sons, and of their sons, and their sons, I will continue to live forever! They will restore me to the life you now rob from me!" ~ Princess Asa Vajda (Barbara Steele), Black Sunday (1960)

This October, we've decided to devote the entire month to the gloriousness that is the witch in film and literature. From it's earliest days, cinema has been fascinated with witchcraft and the lore associated with it, providing ample material to love, to loathe, and to fear for those of us who identify as witches. It is rare that a film about witches manages to be truly frightening, without also engaging in a little cinematic witch shaming (I'm looking at you, James Wan). So, in anticipation of our witch-themed issue of Belladonna, I've compiled a list of my favorite, genuinely scary witch movies, that don't also demonize witches (with one episode of a television show included for good measure). Before we begin, I only have one question...

Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?

Classics Honey’s Horror Highlights from NYCC 2017!

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A New York Comic-Con Diary with Classics Honey Sam

Well, New York Comic Con 2017 has come and gone, and your Classics Honey is more than a little exhausted. I am, after all, a creature of the night, of dark crypts and quiet tombs. But my first visit to NYCC was a wild ride, complete with a delicious undercurrent of the macabre and bloody, and I’m delighted to share the horror highlights with you all!

Looks that Kill - 6 “Revenge Honey Approved” Halloween Costumes

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A Halloween-Ready List with Revenge Honey Addison 

It’s finally here, my sisters. It’s that glorious month where pumpkins are on every doorstep, where the Witching Hour turns to the Witching Month, and where all our favorite horror films are all playing on TV again. Most of all, it’s the month of Halloween, where we have the chance to dress up as anything and everything we’ve ever wanted to be. As Buffy Summers once said, Halloween is “come as you aren’t night," everyone’s chance to be as scary or sexy (or both) as everyday life will never allow.

Need a revenge-themed group costume? Rat poison not included.
In honor of this holiest of Horrordays, I’ve compiled six Revenge Honey-approved ideas for Halloween costumes for those who want to try something with a little bite this year. These costumes range from the easily put-together with pieces from your local thrift store or your own closet, to some that require a little more investment and special effects makeup acumen. Revenge is a dish best served cold, but there’s nothing wrong with serving fresh hot looks right along with it.

Franchise the Future: Reinventing the Replicant in 'Blade Runner 2049'

A Sci-Fi Honey New Release Review with Katie

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

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It’s been 35 years since audiences were first able to experience Ridley Scott’s neo-noir sci-fi epic Blade Runner (1982) on the big screen; since that time, there have been no less than seven differently edited renditions of the same film, including iterations known as the U.S. Theatrical Cut, the Director’s Cut, and the Final Cut. Depending on which version you choose, many plot points are over-explained (by way of Harrison Ford’s dry voiceover narration), or many more unanswered questions are raised (is Ford’s Rick Deckard truly a replicant, or not?!). No one film since Scott’s, however, has revisited the original source material from Philip K. Dick’s 1968 novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and created a follow-up in the form of a remake or sequel that expands the world of a blade runner and the replicants he’s employed to “retire.”

Enter visionary French Canadian director Denis Villeneuve, a contemporary of Scott’s particular brand of cinematic sci-fi who has created astonishing worlds in his own right in cerebral dramas Enemy (2013) and Arrival (2016). Blade Runner 2049 takes place in nearly as many decades as we have been removed from Scott’s cyberpunk classic, yet the end product feels like a natural extension of the original film’s ambitious imagery and ideas. As an experiment in turning a beloved genre staple into a far-reaching franchise, Villeneuve more than proves his worth as an auteur capable of rocketing the Blade Runner saga into the distant cinematic future.

Gosling as 'K,' blade runner of the future

Gerald's Game; or...

A Kinkster’s Nightmare, A Survivor’s Nightmare, and A Cynophobic’s Nightmare Walk into a Stephen King Adaptation

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A New Release Review with Zombie Honey Bella

Gerald's Game (2017)

(there be spoilers here) 

Who knew that a painstakingly detailed degloving would be the least horrific element of Gerald’s Game?

Melissa Carbone is the Queen of Halloween, All Year Round

An October Belladonna Sneak Peek with Musical Horror Honey Brittany

L.A. Haunted Hayride founder Melissa Carbone took a few minutes to talk with the Horror Honeys about what it takes to be an industry-leading badass working on one of the most popular haunt attractions in Los Angeles. Check out a sneak peek of her interview below, and be on the lookout for her book, "Ready, Fire, Aim: How I Turned A Hobby into an Empire," coming out this October!

Exclusive Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes of British Slasher 'Clownface'

A Classics Honey EXCLUSIVE with Samantha McLaren

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No one talks about the disappearances. People leave. Accidents happen. But the legends are true: this town is home to Clownface, and he's ready for his next performance.

Fans of 80s-style slashers are in for a treat: we’ve snagged an exclusive Horror Honeys sneak peek behind the scenes of upcoming British horror film Clownface!

Better Late Than Never: 'AHS: Cult'

A Premiere Review with Musical Horror Honey Brittany

American Horror Story: Cult (2011- )

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American Horror Story has officially started its seventh season. For better or for worse, until this point, the show has created a blend of the supernatural with the historical, the fantastical with the real. With Asylum, we had monsters mixed with Nazis. In Roanoke, reality television was infused with malevolent spirits.

The formula of AHS is pretty damn clear by now. Sometimes it’s entertaining, and sometimes it’s not. However, with the premiere of AHS: Cult, it appears that Ryan Murphy and crew have finally crossed the line from entertaining to terrifying, in the worst ways imaginable.

Mother!... Or the Case Against House Guests

A New Release Review with Head Honey Linnie

Mother! (2017)

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Few directors working today deserve the title of "auteur." In fact, there are so few of them, you could fit their names on one of those mini-Post-It notes. But one of the names on that tiny list would deservedly be Darren Aronofsky. Ever since the release of his first film, Pi (1998), he's been establishing himself as a singular voice in cinema. Even his worst films are still challenging visions, while his best are cinematic poetry. His newest release, Mother!, will be counted among his best, and as most of his films are, likely be the subject of passionate debate for years to come.