Honey Jam - 'I'll Kill Her'

Revenge Jam!

I would have waited like a week or two
But you never tried to reach me
No, you never called me back
You were dating that bleach-blonde girl
If I find her, I swear, you know, I swear, I swear ...
I'll kill her, I'll kill her
She stole my future, she broke my dream
I'll kill her, I'll kill her
She stole my future when she took you away

Ahhh, crazy love. No, I'm not talking about, "butterflies and twirling in the moonlight" love. This is Revenge Honey's day, so we're talking about the, "broken wine bottle brandishing and midnight murder" kind of romance. And really, nothing says, "I'm going to cut the bitch that stole you from me and then make out with you fiercely," like a tiny little French girl with the voice of a faerie pretty much singing those exact words. Hence why I'll Kill Her by SoKo has quickly become one of my favorite songs. So have a listen and gird your loins fellas, because it's always stabby stabby time in the Horror Honey's neighborhood. ~RH

Even the Most Damaged Heart Can Be Mended

A Revenge Honey Review

Dead Man Down (2013)

I've often found that best revenge films are sometimes the most overlooked. When it comes to revenge films released on a mainstream level, either they are ridiculous and over-the-top Stallone nonsense (who I love, so shut up) or they were contenders in the Oscar race, like Prisoners. While Prisoners was easily, and rightfully, one of my highest rated films of 2013, there was another revenge film released that was fantastic on an entirely different level. That film was Niels Arden Oplev's Dead Man Down.

Now, I rarely put much stock in what other critics have to say when it comes to my movie watching, but after viewing Dead Man Down, I had to know just why this particular film slipped through the cinema cracks. I was genuinely shocked when I saw that Metacritic had scored it a 39/100. I guess this is just another case of me and mainstream critics having fuck all in common, but I digress.

Honey Jam - 'Invisible Monsters'

Hardcover Jam!

It’s hard to admit, my weaknesses can consume me
I search for the cure in the bottles of varied volumes, yeah
The joke of it is I express myself without purpose, a purpose for living
Yet you devour my small bits 
Of madness and make-believe...

Is a book with the line, “Could you hold the chainsaw a bit closer to your mouth, please?” a horror novel? Not necessarily; but anyone who has read a novel by Chuck Palahniuk knows that his works often blur the line between the horror of reality, and the horror of horror. Often times, his stories are just so gut-wrenchingly sad that they leave the reader wrecked, while other times his books can be actually terrifying. But his first-ish novel, Invisible Monsters, was so inspirationally beautiful and sad and downright horrifying that it inspired indie pop band Motion City Soundtrack to write a song based on the book. So read the book if you haven't, but definitely enjoy today's Honey Jam! ~RH

Honey Radio - Episode 21 - Horror TV: SUPERNATURAL

Welcome to Episode 21 of Honey Radio!

In our 21st episode, the Honeys wax hormonal about another favorite Horror TV show - SUPERNATURAL - sarcastic assholes, angels, demons, slash fiction (yes we did), and what happens when you jump the shark and don't come back down...

Join us!

Head Honey - Kat @horrorhoneys
Revenge Honey - Linnie @linnieloowho
Guest Honey - Lisa @lcfremont

Hardcover Honey's Book of the Week!

Fiend by Peter Stenson - Review by Jocelyn

Post-apocalyptic fiction is a special favorite of mine – the lone man searching for his family, the hardy band of survivors, each a carefully crafted archetype, holed up in a world overrun by zombies, the fast-paced action scenes interspersed with some scenes of people learning how strong they really are (or aren't) – I love it all.  

But it can definitely feel like you've seen it before, right?  Like, how many different ways are there to tell a zombie tale?  Well, it turns out there's a new take on the subject, and Fiend is it.

The Many Faces of Jason Voorhees!

Since I've been told that I seem to celebrate Friday the 13th every day of the week, I decided that it was time to pay tribute to the many faces of the most prolific killer in horror (150+ confirmed kills since 1980!).

Unstoppable, ruthless, brutal and above all opportunistic - Jason is one of the best known faces in horror, but did you know that he had so many faces?

The Original Friday the 13th had no mask - just the deformed and lake detritus covered young Jason - still scary? Hell yes. Children are terrifying.

Friday the 13th: Part II - SACK-HEAD JASON. Although definitely not an iconic mask, bag-head Jason was still scary as hell, and still makes for a legit Hallowe'en costume. Inspiration for Batman's Scarecrow? Maybe.

Slasher Honey Meme of the Week!

Supernatural Sunday Jam - Bitemarks and Bloodstains

Supernatural Jam – ‘Bitemarks & Bloodstains’ - by Suzanne

This will hurt you, it's killing me
This will hurt you, it's killing me
This will hurt you, it's killing me
This will hurt you, and I will too, and I will

Blood loss, bloodlust, for this girl
Blood loss, bloodlust, for this boy
Blood loss, bloodlust, for this girl
Blood loss, bloodlust, for this boy, this boy

I discovered Finch through a friend a few years ago and was hooked instantly. Their first album, "What It Is To Burn," is genius and deep. Their sophomore effort, “Say Hello to Sunshine,” eh, not so much. Most fans took a pass on it because it strays from their initial sound, but I still dig it and there are a few pretty cool songs. Bitemarks & Bloodstains is a personal favorite. The lyrics make very little sense and the video for the song, even less. Then again, I make very little sense the majority of the time. - SB