6/6/6 with Tim Ritter

An #IndieManCrushMarch 6/6/6 from Guest Honey Tonjia Atomic

Tim Ritter is a pioneer of direct-to-video genre fare. He's been making films since the mid 1980s and is the true embodiment of an indie filmmaker. Check out Tim's answers to my 6/6/6 questions.

1. You're probably best known for your long running Truth or Dare series. Tell us a little about that.

“Truth Or Dare” evolved from a short we made as part of a 1985 video anthology called TWISTED ILLUSIONS. Joel Wynkoop and I collaborated on that, and the short was expanded into a feature-length script that we shopped around and got financed through a Chicago video distributor. The movie was released in 1986, one of the first direct-to-video, made specifically for video horror films, and did really well in the marketplace. TRUTH OR DARE was inspired by Stephen King’s writing, TWILIGHT ZONE, the rubber reality [hallucinations] of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, the bumbling cops in LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, and of course, a love for HALLOWEEN and FRIDAY THE 13th films. It was like my spin on all the stuff I loved as a fan. PSYCHO II and III were heavy influences, especially as we continued the series with new cast members and “killers behind the mask” in WICKED GAMES [1993], SCREAMING FOR SANITY [1996], and DEADLY DARES [2012]. The series has continued mainly because diehard fans and filmmakers keep pushing and inspiring me to make more, hence, Scott Tepperman from Ghost Hunters International, Joel Wynkoop, and myself are working on a new chapter now. The little franchise has been pretty successful in the underground, with the latest entries kind of dividing fans as they get further away from the original movie. DEADLY DARES was more me thinking in terms of “if I was making the Truth or Dare concept in the 21st Century with today’s technologies, what would I do?” So it was kind of like a remake with new technology, but still shot old school style, and with the impact of the original killer from the first film still being prominent in things. It still kind of divided viewers! But I’m happy there’s been enough interest in the franchise to have it last over three decades now! 

Horror TV Tuesday Jam ~ 'The Nightingale'

The nightingale
It said to me
'There is a love
Meant for me'
The nightingale
It flew to me
And told me
That it found my love

There are more than a few Honeys at HQ that are obsessed with David Lynch's oddball murder odyssey Twin Peaks. So when news broke that the show would be returning with new episodes in 2016, we fired up a pot of coffee, baked a pie or two, and personally, I immediately started my Twin Peaks soundtrack on constant rotation. One of the highlights of the soundtrack was and will always be singer/songwriter/actress/author Julee Cruise. Cruise worked previously with Lynch on the soundtrack for his classic film, Blue Velvet, but it was their collaboration on Twin Peaks that truly yielded some of the most memorable and beautiful results. The vocal version of the shows theme, "Falling," as well as "Into the Night" and this week's Honey Jam, "The Nightingale" were all haunting and dreamlike journeys into another world... much like the show itself. Cruise appeared on the show several times, as well as in the film, Fire Walk With Me, so here's hoping that she will come back to Twin Peaks in 2016! ~RH

The Walking Dead: Season 5 ~ Finale

A Horror TV Honey Season Finale Recap by Lisa

I think it's now safe to say that season five of The Walking Dead has been the best yet. Rick began the season waiting for the slaughter at Terminus and ended it exactly where he belongs: in control. The Ricktatorship cannot be denied because it is an unstoppable and necessary force. Abraham said it best when he declared that the new world is going to need a Rick Grimes. Well, he was also correct when he said, "There's a vast ocean of shit that you people don't know about. Rick knows every fine grain of said shit and then some." I officially nominate Abraham to be the records keeper of the new world. 
I'd be down with this sandwich.
Much, too much, was made of how dramatic this season finale was going to be. They really had us worked up into thinking that we were going to lose a main character. Thankfully, we only lost Pete and Deanna's husband. I'm quite sure that he has a name, but any man who yells for his pocket size wife to break up a fight between two men is not worthy of me acknowledging it. Unfortunately, we did not get to rejoice over the death of Father Gabriel or Nicholas. Looks like Glenn really learned a lot from Hershel and I admire that, but I really needed to see Glenn dole out some serious retribution. Both Glenn and Sasha were unable to follow through on their anger and this leaves us with two exceptionally weak links in Alexandria. Now that Father Gabriel and Nicholas have earned a pass, I do hope that their characters become more complex, otherwise, it was all for nothing. On that note, I also look forward to seeing Sasha find her way out of this emotional hole she finds herself in.


Honey Buzz ~ Mad Max Trailer

"In this wasteland, I am the one who runs from both the living... and the dead. A man reduced to a single instinct. SURVIVE."

If you've seen any of the Max Mad: Fury Road trailers, you'll already be familiar with the focal point of this newest, and most explosive, trailer released. The furious high speed road battle is supremely intense, and FULL of delicious things to look at.

NOW, while the focus of the trailer is the massive car battle and all of its explosive glory, we also get a bit of a peek at the brothel/sex slave side story I wrote about after seeing the SXSW sneak peek. The grossly pale baddie with the horse-teeth on his facemask (amazing BTW) is obviously in the business of owning women... and he's PISSED that Furiosa (Charlize Theron) stole away his desert supermodels. I'm guessing that's going to be a big part of the battle; recovering stolen "property" and the ridiculous lengths this villain will go to to re-acquire his prizes.

After all, what the hell else is there to do in a post-apokyclipted world?

6/6/6 with Greg Johnson

A Guest Honey #IndieManCrushMarch 6/6/6 by Tonjia Atomic

Greg Johnson is best known for his acting roles in indie genre films. He has, however, had several roles in filmmaking including writing, directing, producing, and has had extensive stage experience. He graciously answered my 6/6/6 questions about all of his creative endeavors.  

1. You've had many different roles when it comes to filmmaking from acting to cinematography. Tell us a bit about the different things that you do and do you have a favorite?

I enjoy all aspects of filmaking. In the past 2 years I have found myself wearing more than 1 hat during shoots. It has always been my opinion that when you take on projects where there is a severe chance you may fail..do them! Worst case..you will fail but next time you will be much better suited to take the risks again...gain the knowledge and experience and that will do nothing but help. In the end I like to be as well rounded in all departments of the production. In turn you will be a much stronger member of the project. So, I enjoy all of it.

2. Tell us about Hole in the Wall and your involvement in that. 

Originally I was asked by Derrick Carey to act in the wrap around segment. Over time I was also invited to submit a short (last dance)..I was just a really lucky guy to get invited on that adventure. I've seen a few public screenings so far..to me it's a fun 78 min punch in the gut. A assault on the senses..like it or not..people are going to have a bitch of a time washing it away. And on that point alone makes me very proud of the piece. 7 directors/writers from WI gathering to produce something not for everyone's tastes..and that's fine. But it provokes, offends and maybe even amuses..and that is a success...anyway you cut it. 

Monday Honey Jam - 'Murder by Numbers'

Because murder is like anything you take to
It's a habit-forming need for more and more
You can bump off every member of your family
And anybody else you find a bore

This last track of The Police's classic album, Synchronicity, is a perfect example of how pretty much anything can sound toe-tapping and pleasing when it's wrapped up in a melody by Andy Summers. Sting's lyrics draw attention to the ease in which leaders can turn into dictators, and often by extension, murderers. But there is a certain hip-swinging vibe to the initially unreleased song that would make it the perfect background music for a slick murder scene. And we can go ahead and just pretend that a terrible movie starring Sandra Bullock never ripped off the title. Yup. Never happened. ~RH

6/6/6 with Joe Sherlock

A Guest Honey #IndieManCrush 6/6/6 by Tonjia Atomic

For the last twenty years Joe Sherlock has been making and distributing his own movies the indie way. I jumped at the chance to ask him 6/6/6 questions and here are his answers!

1. How did you get started making your own films?

I was fascinated as a kid by horror movies on TV, seeing Star Wars in the theater blew my mind, I messed around with my Dad's super-8 camera and eventually moved on to using giant VHS cameras to make music videos, skits and mini-movie type of stuff. I always count my first 'real' thing as DIMENSION OF BLOOD, a short horror feature I started in 1995. Within a few years, I was making my own movies, acting as DP and many other roles in my friend John's features, as well as making segments for anthologies by other indie folks around the country. And here I am, all these years later. I clearly can't stop myself. http://skullfaceastronaut.com/movies.html pretty much covers that stuff I've worked on.

2. Tell us about the Dr. Squid zine.

When I got out of college I was asked to be a part of a partnership of friends opening a comic book and game store. I had drawn my own comic books when I was a kid and was editorial cartoonist for both my high school and college papers. Owning a comic book shop, it seemed the logical thing to start publishing my own small-press comic! I drew many issues of "Windows" (named because of the panels of a comic being like looking through a window frame into the story) and sold it at the shop. 

Dr. Squid actually started as a one-off drawing on the cover of Windows #12 - it was a mutated mad scientist with a couple of bikini-clad girls in his cave lab, but the joke was the disclaimer: "Any story based on his issue's cover illustration would be too shocking for human minds to comprehend, therefore, none is included here." I eventually did a one-shot zine called Dr. Squid's Smorgasbord of Terror, which was all movie reviews. It was fun and people dug it, so I decided to try some more and ended up doing 12 more issues. Originally it was b-movie reviews plus interviews with comic book artists like Evan Dorkin, Mike Allred, Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett. Then I started interviewing indie filmmakers like Ted Bohus (Deadly Spawn), Don Dohler (The Alien Factor) and Fred Olen Ray (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers) and even blues singer Candye Kane and scream queen Brinke Stevens. Towards the end of doing those, I had started making my own movies, so included a few production diary type things. The zine stopped really because I had gotten so into making movies! You can see a gallery of covers HERE 

Madison County: Unfulfilled Expectations

A Slasher Honey Review by Chassity

Madison County (2011)

What do you get when you take a group of kids in school, a love of true crime, a pursuit of a real-life horror story, and a mystery, and combine them all in one movie? 

Well, what I was hoping I would get was a horror movie that became more of a mystery, telling the story of a real-life criminal through flashback and discoveries as the movie played itself out. A movie that separated itself from other slashers by giving its audience more than just gore, and more than just the stereotypical backstory. 

In this way, Madison County was only half fulfilling. 

Blu-ray and DVD Releases for March 31, 2015!

Well hot damn, this week is a veritable treasure trove of horror and sci-fi cinema for home consumption! From Chris Nolan's Interstellar to the quirky 1962 romance/thriller David & Lisa, from an incredibad Temple of Doom rip-off to TWO giallo triple features... just go ahead and surrender your money to the movie gods this Tuesday. They've earned it.

Supernatural Sunday Jam ~ 'The Highwayman'

Illustration by Rachael Horner
The wind was a torrent of darkness
Among the gusty trees
The moon was a ghostly galleon
Tossed upon the cloudy seas
The road was a ribbon of moonlight
Over the purple moor
When the highwayman came riding
Riding, riding,
The highwayman came riding 
Up to the old inn door

There is nothing I love more than a story song... except maybe a historical story song. So when Canadian songstress Loreena McKennitt took the Alfred Noyes poem "The Highwayman" and put it to music, I was stoked. The beautifully sad story of the doomed love between a Highwayman and his betrothed Bess during the Revolutionary War will haunt you long after the song has ended. And because The Highwayman himself became a ghost, expect that he may haunt you a little bit too. ~RH