Hardcover Thursday Jam - 'Don't Stand So Close to Me'

Young teacher, the subject
Of schoolgirl fantasy
She wants him so badly
Knows what she wants to be
Inside her there's longing
This girl's an open page
Book marking - she's so close now
This girl is half his age

Poor little Lolita. Everyone is has always focused on the torment of Vladimir Nabokov's leading man, Humbert Humbert (what a dumbass name), without really considering the kind of psychological damage that had to be inflicted on 12-year-old Dolores Haze to cause her to behave the way she did. But since the patriarchy was all that mattered in the 50s, any concern for Lolita's feelings happened later. As evidenced by this awesome 80s song from the Police! So the next time you're jamming to this song at a bar, remember... pedophilia. ~RH

If John Hughes Cast a Zombie Movie...

A Guest Honey Review from Chassity

Zombie Night (2013)

Okay, so here’s a little secret about me: It took a very long time for me to come to terms with zombie films. Maybe it was my short attention span. Maybe it was the repetitiveness of the zombie films I’d seen back then. But for whatever reason, for years this horror fanatic never really appreciated the zombie genre. In fact, I avoided them as much as possible.  It took a long time before I was able to realize that I had been missing out, and that not all zombie films were the same. In fact, a lot of them were better than the slashers I’d loved so much since childhood. 

There were two films that I hold responsible for this change, two films that gave me a respect and love for the genre. I’m going to talk about just one of them: Zombie Night.

Honey Buzz ~ What the Hell is Up with Haunts this Year?

All throughout October, Halloween haunts, including mazes, walk-throughs, and haunted houses, are mainstays for horror fans. The popularity of haunted attractions has risen considerably in recent years, especially when it comes to massive events like Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. But this year, it seems like things are going epically wrong in a few of the major haunted attractions. The question is... why?

Hardvoer Honey's Haunted Bookclub ~ One of Us

A Book of the Week Review by Jocelyn

One of Us – Tawni O’Dell 

This week’s Hardcover Honey Book of the Week comes from Tawni O’Dell – and if your only exposure to her is seeing the Oprah brand on an earlier book, please don’t let that dissuade you.  This one is far from the typical Oprah-approved heartwarming family drama.

Tawni O’Dell’s previous works have all taken place in mining towns similar to the one she was born and raised in.  They say “write what you know” and that approach seems to work well for O’Dell, with this latest book definitely her darkest.

In “One of Us” we meet Sheridan “Danny” Doyle, a forensic psychologist who specializes in high-profile cases and is often a guest on the MSNBC and CNN talking-head shows.  He has a full wardrobe of expensive clothing, detailed exhaustively throughout the book, and a transgender assistant named Max (formerly Stacy) who clucks over him like a mother hen.  Despite his never having married or had kids, things should be looking up for Dr. Doyle – he is well-known, wealthy, and seems to enjoy his work for the most part, even finding something awfully close to friendship in a serial-killer patient who, as the book opens, solemnly announces that, “Everything bad that happens in this world is the fault of someone’s mother.”  Sigh.

Honey Buzz ~ Toys R Us Does WHATEVER FL Moms Say... Apparently.

Step off Florida moms... the one who knocks has your number. However, unlike the rest of the world with even a modicum of intelligence, toy chain Toys R Us is apparently more terrified of one mother in Florida than Heisenberg himself. Because in a move that is clearly the work of the Irony Fairy, a toy store that sells bloody action figures from The Walking Dead, heartless bounty hunters equipped with their own medieval weapons from Game of Thrones, and anorexia-incarnate Barbie, will no longer sell Breaking Bad action figures after one online-petition got 8,000 signatures.

Honey Buzz ~ Insidious Chapter 3 TRAILER

Following up to their teaser for a teaser released yesterday, the official teaser for Insidious Chapter 3 is here, released exclusively on their Facebook page to 4 million + fans of jump scares, crappy lighting and a weak storyline.

Called "the darkest chapter" in the series, I hope they're talking about the storyline and not about the actual lighting situation, because that would be super awkward However, no lighting definitely makes an asthmatic spirit that much more scary, because really, what's scarier than breathing heavily in the dark?


Honey Buzz ~ Noomi Rapace on Prometheus 2

Now, I had a bit of a freak out a few weeks ago when Ridley Scott announced that he was completely done with Xenomorphs, that he was bored of aliens, and was looking to something new for Prometheus 2.

Considering the faith based route that Sir Scott has turned his ship towards, it seems like his returning cast is feeling that influence in their recent interviews. Noomi Rapace shared some if her insight as to what Elizabeth Shaw might be facing in her new adventure with the beheaded David...

When asked what new force she thinks they might be battling, “God maybe, or Devil? I don’t know where he’s going to take us, but I can’t wait to go there…I don’t know what we’re going to discover.

Oh, that sounds thrilling, doesn't it. 

Revenge Wednesday Jam ~ 'Llorando'

Yo estaba bien por un tiempo
volviendo a sonreir
luego anoche te vi
tu mano me toco
y el saludo de tu voz
te hable muy bien y tu
sin saber
que he estado llorando por tu amor
llorando por tu amor

David Lynch's Mulholland Drive is one of my favorite films. Jay Brannan is one of my favorite singer/songwriters. But when you combine the two? Watch my face melt off with happiness. In my mind, the pivotal scene in Mulholland Drive has always been the one featuring singer Rebekah del Rio as she sings "Llorando," and teaches Naomi Waats and Laura Harring that reality is nothing more than an illusion. This scene at the Club Silencio never ceases to move me, in part because of del Rio's performance. So Jay Brannan's equally moving cover of del Rio's cover of Roy Orbison's song (that's a hell of a chain, I'm aware) is my new favorite thing.

Watch both versions of the song below!