Honey Buzz ~ The Devil's Hand Trailer

Supernatural horror films, especially religious themed supernatural horror films really get my blood pumping, and even MORE so when they involve a strict religious culture that maintains its secrecy and aloofness from the modern world. That's right, a supernatural horror, set in an Amish community.

I'm listening.

Five young Amish girls accused of being "Satan's children" must fight for their lives when their devout community elders insist they be "cleansed" before turning 18.

Six girls, born on the sixth day, of the sixth month - 6/6/6 - seems pretty simple, right?

The Devil's Hand (also known in most of its promo as Where The Devil Hides) stars some of my favorite actors, including Rufus Sewell (Dark City, Hercules), Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter, Exorcism of Emily Rose), and I even saw a nerd favorite Colm Meaney (Star Trek) in the trailer.

There's no clear release date set for The Devil's Hand/Where the Devil Hides - will you be checking it out when it does hit theatres/VOD?

Honey Buzz ~ AHS Freakshow Teasers!

Horror TV has been on the warpath in a big way in recent years. With the ladies of American Horror Story taking some of the Emmy's top prizes this past week, not to mention multiple nominations and wins over the past few years, it's safe to say that American Horror Story stands apart as a unique force in TV, and in the horror world. The Walking Dead may have all the horny fangirls, but American Horror Story is taking hard looks at who we are as people, and what it is about ourselves that truly frightens us. We won't talk about the aliens in Season 2...

American Horror Story: Freak Show begins its tale in the quiet, sleepy hamlet of Jupiter, Florida. The year is 1952. A troupe of curiosities has just arrived to town, coinciding with the strange emergence of a dark entity that savagely threatens the lives of townsfolk and freaks alike.

This is the story of the performers and their desperate journey of survival amidst the dying world of the American carny experience.

Recommended viewing: Tod Browning's banned 1932 revenge film - FREAKS which featured actual sideshow performers and caused outrage around the world for showing sideshow attractions as real people with real emotions and expression.

ADMIT ONE - Kind of reminds me of IT...don't you think?

LICK - Since American Mary was released, horror fans should have a new appreciation for body modification. Those familiar with sights like The Jim Rose Circus and Lizardman shouldn't be too weirded out by this next teaser...but if it does, it's also worth mentioning that I know a LOT of ladies who find this particular modification, extremely sexy. 
Now how do you feel?

SPOTLIGHT - I love this one because it's a "blink and you'll miss it" kind of detail. 

CAGED - Contortion is a circus trick that tends to creep almost everyone out, but this one is extra special.

HEAD TO TOE - The newest trailer to be released shows another contortionist, with a bit more of a twist than expected...



 FAN MADE TRAILERS - Below are a few fan made teasers which, while not official, are still creepy as hell, and are a great indicator of just how deep fans of American Horror Story have been sucked into the terrifying, multi-dimensional world created by Ryan Murphy and the amazing cast over the last 3 seasons.

My favorite: the beautiful fan-made teaser that got everyone talking, that everyone suspects was made by the AHS crew simply because it's so DAMN perfect - "The Fallen Angel"

Get your ticket and have your popcorn ready... American Horror Story: Freakshow premieres on October 8th on FX

Honey Buzz: 'Big Driver' Teaser Promises Terror on... Lifetime!

It's been a bit of a wait, but teaser trailer for the Lifetime adaption of Stephen King's short "Big Driver," from his book, Full Dark, No Stars, is finally making its way around the net! And while disappointingly brief, there is no question that this movie is going to serve up the scares, Master of Horror style!

Murder Monday Jam - 'Zip Gun Bop'

Well there's flat-foot Louie
Sittin' on his front stoop
He caught five rounds in the belly
He looked like a messed-up bowl of
minestrone soup

Now you take that cat Mugs
He got iced the other day
He could have saved his mama
The dry cleanin' bill my way

Zip gun, zip gun bop
Ya better learn to do it 'fore yer poor heart
stops now
Zip gun, zip gun bop

Hey spinach chin,
Why don't you try on these cement shoes.
Look like they fit you pretty freakin' good.

Now see if you can walk on water puppy, you jackass

If you were a 90s kid, like me, you remember the late 90s smash and grab that was 90s swing. Your parents were taking swing lessons like mine were, there might have been a swing band at your grad like there was at mine... or you might have missed it altogether. My mother and I were hooked - you thought pinstripes and polka dots and red lips were a new retro thing? I beg to differ my friends. Royal Crown Revue was one of my favorite groups that came out in the late 90s - why? They were a little darker than the others - case and point is Zip Gun Bop - while it sounds snappy and danceable, the lyrics are about straight up moidah... and little a bit of mob justice for good measure. Teenage me was stoked that my mum didn't notice. ~ HH


A Guest Honey Mini-Review by Steph

I’m the sort of person who will watch pretty much anything if you tell me it’ll either have my stomach hurling, eyes flinching or heart racing, so when I read the synopsis for a movie back in 2007 called Catacombs, I was excited. The premise of cat-and-mouse in an underground tomb built using millions of human remains was something I liked the sound of, and when I saw that Shannyn Sossamon (A Knight's Tale) played the lead (Victoria), I thought ‘what the heck’ and rented it on DVD. 

The story: The locals hold an illegal party in a morbid labyrinth which Victoria attends with her group of friends - which, by the way, includes pop-star, P!nk. I thought that I might find this distracting, but her character was actually fairly believable (unlike Miss Hilton’s nauseating stint in House of Wax). Throughout the course of the party, one by one, the group is separated and Victoria is left running around the tombs alone, being hunted down by a ravenous murderer who is out to slaughter as many of the herd of teenagers dancing, drinking and falling about in ‘his’ tomb as possible.

Honey Buzz: Nic Cage Takes on His Greatest Role Yet... White Guy.

Are you... is he... winking at me? I don't know what is going on.

The six most off-putting words in the English language? "Starring Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen." Seriously... which casting director was in charge of this film and thought, "GENIUS! I'm going to pair one of the most hated actors in history with a guy who would star in a commercial for Mexican tampons and we shall have a HIT!" But anyway. Outcast is coming out in 2015 and it has a trailer!

Honey Buzz: Will 'Foxcatcher' Win Steve Carrell an Oscar?

Well, summer is finally over, and for those who have little patience for blockbuster season *cough cough me cough cough* the time has finally come to sit back and relax into fall... also known as OSCAR SEASON!

Whatever. I embrace it.

Interview: John & Drew Dowdle on being passionate about Found Footage

John and Drew Dowdle, the director/co-writer and writer of As Above/So Below took some time to chat with me about their newest film, which hit theatres on August 29th. From indie roots to nerding out about history and research, it's clear that the secret to their success is all about having a passion for what you do. Plus, they're kind of adorable, and I got WAY more out of them than expected...I'm not sharing my audio interview, because I geeked out a bit more than I'd planned.

You're known for your small space filming style (Quarantine and Devil in particular), what does a style like this mean for a production or a script?

Drew: We love making films of crisis, we analyzed our previous films, and realized that's the thing we keep doing over and over. Actors are thrust into a situation they can't contain or control, and when that happens you get the fight or flight response, and when flight is not an option and you have to face that thing that scares you - to see what happens to a person over the course of that having to go through that fear or having to face that thing that scares them we find really really interesting.