Horror TV Tuesday Jam ~ 'Natasha'

You walk alone in the valley of life
In the shadow of love under the trees of happiness
You walk alone like a baby unborn
Like a father unknown
Like a pocket penniless
I'm happy that you really care
But do you really know
How scary
This is for you and is for me?
Oh do you you really know?
Do you really know?
All I can do
Is write a song for you...

This gorgeous song was featured in one of the best episodes of Nip/Tuck (S2, E11), but because that episode starred Rebecca Gayheart and she killed a kid (seriously, look it up) we're going to focus on the song's real-life connection to another woman much beloved at Horror Honey HQ.

In the horror and indie community, actress Natasha Lyonne has always been highly respected and adored. But like many stars who come to Hollywood young, she struggled with addiction, and even homelessness. It took years of work, and the support of her friends, but she fought her way back, and has become an even more remarkable presence than before. Personally, she's one of the few actress I totally respect, and who I believe is actually deserving of that respect, which is why she's in our Scream Queen Hall of Fame.

Natasha and the wonderful singer/songwriter Rufus Wainwright were struggling with addiction at the same time, and he wrote today's Honey Jam for her. Which is why, without shame, I cry every time I hear it. Support your local Scream Queens, kids. They're people too <3. ~RH

Why, Wayward Pines, Why?

A Horror TV Honey Series Overview by Lisa

Wayward Pines (2015)

It was at last years SDCC that the trailer for Wayward Pines was revealed and it promised a miniseries full of mystery and Matt Dillon. What else do you need in life, right? Well, an ending that doesnt make you feel homicidal, thats what. Because Im that jerk who likes to read the book before watching the movie or television show, I read all three of the Wayward Pines novels from Blake Crouch. As I stated in my review of the pilot episode, I quite enjoyed the first book in the series and it seemed an ideal story to make a miniseries out of. Ten episodes and then the story would be finished. Everything started out really great and then somewhere around the halfway point, the show became tedious and I can tell you exactly why. 


MOWOW: A Honeymoon to Die For!

Your Movie of the Week of the Week with Revenge Honey Linnie!

Honeymoon with a Stranger (1969)

So rather than hide my love of all things campy, dramatic, and ridiculous, I've decided to just lean in to it. Starting this week, I will be bringing you a new feature on Horror TV Tuesdays, and that is my Movie of the Week of the Week! Each film featured will have connections to the horror world, and when it comes down to it, a whole heap load of fun for everyone involved. So hop on your Vespa and join me for our very first MOWOW, John Peyser's ABC MOW, Honeymoon with a Stranger!

Honey Buzz ~ Sinister 2 "Spread the Fear"

If there's one thing I can always say for Blumhouse studios, is that regardless of how I feel about the films they release, I completely respect their marketing hustle and business savvy.

Sinister 2 it hitting theatres a little earlier than originally advertised, and after their marketing campaign at SDCC, they've stepped it up again with something they're calling #SpreadTheFear, which is a campaign aimed at those crazy teenagers once again.

On www.spreadthefear.com you can upload a ten second video and add a patented Sinister jumpscare... I obviously uploaded a video of my cat.


There are two jump scare endings to choose from, and you can share the video on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube and "scare the shit out of your friends" - I personally don't think that my friends will be scared shitless, but you never know.

I can acknowledge that the aging horror fan community is looking at recent marketing attempts and a deluge of films aimed at younger and younger horror fans with mix of dread and exhaustion. But when we were sixteen, the only things being marketed to us were toys and clothes... and maybe Backstreet Boys. We had no money, we had no internet, and in the wake of their 80s guilt, our parents controlled our purchasing power. That's not the case anymore. Younger and younger teens are exhibiting more and more power because of social media. They finally have a voice, and people (for better or worse) are listening.

Blumhouse Productions and Gramercy Pictures' Sinister 2 
will jump scare the pants off you on August 21st

Will YOU be "Hanging Around" with Mr. Boogie?  

Hannibal: Season 3, Episode 8 ~ The Great Red Dragon

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

I'd like to sign up for his yoga class.
Well Fannibals, the time has finally come to meet The Great Red Dragon. Despite being the first book in Thomas Harrisseries, Fuller and team decided to save this extra special whackadoo for the third season. After successfully transitioning our characters from the storyline of the third book into the storyline of the first book, the writers go on to further show off by managing to tell the history of how Frances Dolarhyde turned into the Red Dragon in a matter of minutes and every single second was gorgeous. Especially those animalistic yoga moves. Yes, please.

What about Hannibal, you ask? Well, this was also handled with a quick montage full of information that never felt overwhelming, nor did it feel as though they were rushing or trying to gloss over something. Hannibal politely went along with all of the pomp and circumstance that occurs when a gruesome cannibal is apprehended and made himself at home in a cell thats nicer than my current abode. Seriously, why would an insane person merit such a Kubrikian holding cell?

Zombie Buzz ~ Dead Rising: Watchtower - clips!

What's better than a good old fashioned horror video game adaptation? Nothing! Nothing, I tell you!
I'm an unashamed fan of Capcom's other game adaptation films (except Chun Li... WTF) and even though there are those who deride the Resident Evil franchise, I kind of love it.

Capcom's newest horror game adaptation is based on Dead Rising, and I couldn't be more thrilled about a brand new zombie game movie (fingers crossed that Dying Light will be next... c'monnn Warner)

Dead Rising: Watchtower follows Chase Carter (Jesse Metcalfe - Hello... is this his first horror role? I think it might be... meow.), a reporter trying to make it big – but the pursuit of his career-defining story leads him into the heart of a zombie-infested warzone. East Mission, Oregon is locked down after police find the bodies of what appear to be victims of a zombie attack. Zombies are not a new phenomenon, but outbreaks are uncommon. Past incidents were only just contained in time and the country is nervous. When two ambitious Net 2.0 reporters, Chase and his colleague Jordan, get inside the quarantine zone to report on a large group of civilians trapped in an inner city dome stadium, they realise they’re waiting for a rescue that isn’t coming. 

Hilarity ensues.

Whatup Jesse. I see that smirk.

Murder Monday Jam ~ 'Man Down'

It's a 22
I Call her Peggy Sue
When she fits right down in my shoes
What you expect me to do
If you're playing me for a fool
I will lose my cool
And reach for my fire arm
I didn't mean to lay him down
But it's too late to turn back now
Don't know what I was thinking
Now he's no longer living
So I'm ‘bout to leave town

Anyone that talks smack about Rhianna obviously hasn't taken the time to really listen to her. Most of her songs are intelligent, well-crafted, and catchy as hell. In other words, smarter than the average pop song. But "Man Down" is that greatest of all treasures: a song about senseless murder that is catchy as hell. So enjoy your Murder Monday Jam... AND GIVE IN TO THE POP MUSIC! ~RH

Give Me 3 Assholes and a Camera, I'll Give You a Shitty Movie

A Revenge Honey "I Should Have Known Better" Review by Linnie

Ghoul (2015)

After watching Petr J├íkl's Ghoul, I came away having learned two important lessons; 1) 50% of the blame for my misery while watching it is on me. I knew it was found footage when I put it on, and I did it anyway. My bad, and 2) If the filmmakers can't be bothered to put together a coherent film, I refuse to waste the time giving them a well-organized and fully-literate review. Instead, you're getting an approximate plot and then a bullet point list as to why Ghoul is one of the worst movies I've seen this year.

What the Screenwriters Consider a Plot: Three chuckleheads filming a documentary on cannibalism go to Ukraine to interview a man who apparently ate people during Stalin's artificial famine, or holodomor, in 1932-33, in which approximately 30,000 people died per day. Because nothing says, "SENSATIONALISM!" like disregarding widespread genocide and focusing on one guy doing something horrible out of desperation. But then, there are homemade Ukrainian spirit boards scratched into table tops, and unnecessary sex scenes, and a tenuous connection to one of the most prolific serial killers in Ukraine's history. Now, let us bullet-point our way through every reason why Ghoul is a shit-show best forgotten immediately after you finish reading this.

Freddy vs. Jason: All The Jason Voorhees I Can Handle

A Slasher Honey Mashup Review by Chassity

Freddy vs Jason (2003)

Okay. As I admitted last week, I am no fan of Jason Voorhees, or more to the point, I’m no fan of Friday the 13th. While I can respect this franchise and its place in both horror history and as an iconic slasher series, none of these movies have ever appealed to me. In fact, I absolutely loathe at least the first four. I find them to be boring, a chore to watch (which I force myself to do every time a Friday the 13th hits), and completely interchangeable. 

So, when I say I love me some Freddy vs. Jason, that means something. It's pretty much the limit on the amount of Friday the 13th universe that I can stomach. 

You know the story. Freddy killed some kids, and the parents did everything they could to make sure he was forgotten so that he couldn’t haunt any more kids’ dreams. Freddy wants to come home, but can’t go back to his murderous, haunting nightmare spree until people start to remember his name. So what does he do? He dredges up horror’s most iconic Mama’s Boy to do go to Elm Street and do his dirty work for him, knowing full well that once murders start to occur the parents will suspect him, not Jason, and people will start to remember him, allowing him to be able to go home and regain his notoriety and the Springwood Slasher.

Blu-ray and DVD Releases for July 28, 2015!

Okay, not a LOT to write home about this week, but what is coming out is pretty damn spectacular. Animal revenge film/political allegory White God is already on the Revenge Honey's Best of 2015 list. And the rest are classic exploitation films restored for blu-ray. So knock yourself out kids!

Seriously, knock yourself out. We'll watch.