Vampire Horror TV Tuesday Jam ~ 'Transylvanian Concubine'

Sorrow is their master, cackling with laughter
Now, he's having just one piece of
Cakey is their make up, Catholics try to shake up
All the things that form their lives
But they're dead, their sighs, their songs
They know what they do is wrong
Stay here with us, it's just time
Transylvanian concubine

It's almost impossible to narrow it down to one awesome song from the entire run of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, because there were hundreds. But one of my favorites came from the fabulously memorable Rasputina, a cello-based New York band with a flair for the historical and a style that favors folk/Steampunk. "Transylvanian Concubine" is one of those songs that I would listen to on obsessive repeat, and still do from time to time. So raise your stakes in the air and get ready to rock out to tonight's Horror TV Tuesday Jam! ~RH

Fear the Walking Dead, S1, E2: 'So Close, Yet So Far'

A Horror TV Honey Recap with Lisa

Since I was in the minority in terms of enjoying the pilot episode of Fear The Walking Dead, I was looking forward to the second episode, and this one delivered some action, suspense, and more drama. 

As Alicia enters Matts house, she finds things in disarray because he has the flu. Just kidding. Hes totes turning into a walker and Alicia insists on staying with him because, If he has it, I have it.In fact, Alicia is just full of super helpful statements and observations in this episode. Hopefully, she doesnt stay this way for the remainder of the series.

MOWOW - Beware Quaint Country Living!

A Movie of the Week of the Week with Supernatural Honey Suzanne!

The Dark Secret of Harvest Home (1978)

What’s not to love about New England? Quaint little towns where time appears to stand still, with friendly locals. Towns where stressed out city folk love to buy maple syrup and wear flannel without judgement. The village of Cornwall Coombe is no exception… or is it?

Technically, The Dark Secret of Harvest Home is a two-part mini-series, but it was made for TV so it counts!

A Comic Tale of Horror and Seduction!

A Head Honey Vampire Month Review by Kat

Vampire in Brooklyn (1995)

Before hitting widespread meta horror fame in 1996 with Scream, Wes Craven had been testing the waters on familiar territory with New Nightmare (1994) and then opted for something new... a horror comedy starring Eddie Murphy as a vampire - the last of his kind. If this sounds like an unexpected matchup, you'd be right. Murphy agreed to do the picture to finish up his contract with Paramount, and also under the consideration that the rights to The Nutty Professor be released (uh, how did that pan out for you, Eddie?). What happened is a mix of Craven's horror aesthetic, Murphy's cringeworthy attempts at original comedy, and an African American vampire; something that hadn't been seen since Blacula... I'm not counting Troma's Def by Temptation (although Kadeem Hardison does show up in that film too).

The story (edited slightly for my amusement): Maximillian (Eddie Murphy) is the only survivor from a race of vampires on a Caribbean Island (which gives him an annoying as fuck accent that he forgets about sometimes), and as a vampire, he must find a mate to keep the line from ending. He knows that a child had been born to a woman who had a vampire father, and he searches for her in Brooklyn. Rita (Angela Bassett), a tough as nails Brooklyn cop, is that woman. Knowing that she is his last hope to continue his line and prolong his life, Max woos her and attempts to bring her to her blood-sucking destiny - but it must be her choice.

Hannibal S3, E13: 'The Wrath of the Lamb' SERIES FINALE

A Horror TV Honey Recap/Tearful Wave of the Handkerchief to Hannibal with Lisa

NBC may have pulled its patented move a show to Saturday night to kill itwith our beloved Hannibal, but the Fannibals came out in droves to live tweet and show our undying support for everyones favorite cannibal. Its not often that the show runner, the production company, the writers, the stylists and the actors all participate in a live tweet with the fans, but Hannibal did this on a very regular basis and not just in its dying days. The entire team behind Hannibal knew exactly what the fans were clamoring for and they delivered it on their own terms without ever making us feel ignored, but also without giving in so deeply to our desires that it derailed the show. This last season, especially, really felt like a world wide love affair led by a man who knew how to satisfy all of us. 

Bryan Fuller took an extremely recognizable character and franchise to a completely different and exciting place and, most of us simply couldnt get enough. Knowing that the season three finale could very well be the series finale, Fuller and team delivered an ending that was satisfying regardless of how it ended up being utilized. 

Film4Frightfest Diary 2015 with Sarah!

A Guest Honey Adventure with Sarah

Ah, late summer. That time of year where everyone is getting ready for autumn and all things dark and delightful descend upon London’s Leicester Square for five days of horror-tastic treats: FrightFest!

This year was quite an occasion for me. Whilst I did go to last year’s festival on individual tickets (seeing the likes of The Babadook and Life After Beth) this is my first year with a festival pass, giving me almost unlimited access to over 50 films and events across its main venue, the Vue Leicester Square, and its second home of The Prince Charles Cinema, AKA the greatest cinema in the world (I might be biased), just around the corner.

Alas, without the use of a time machine I will only be managing about 15 films this year, but my excitement is high so let’s get started.

Murder Monday Jam - 'Red Right Hand'

You'll see him in your nightmares,
you'll see him in your dreams
He'll appear out of nowhere but
he ain't what he seems
You'll see him in your head,
on the TV screen
And hey buddy, I'm warning
you to turn it off
He's a ghost, he's a god,
he's a man, he's a guru
You're one microscopic cog
in his catastrophic plan
Designed and directed by
his red right hand

A perfect addition to your Murder Monday (or any day really) is the song that closed out all of the Scream films (except 4!). A creepy, sexy song about dancing with the Devil in the pale moonlight. He's always there, and he's always watching. But is Nick Cave's red handed man really the Devil, or is it God, or are they really the same thing after all? Either way you slice it, when death comes for you on a Pale Horse with a voice like this, you just go with it.  ~HH

You Couldn't Pay Me To Do That!

A Slasher Honey Movie History List - by Kat

The WORST Jobs in Horror Movie History

If you think you hate Mondays, try surviving a horror movie while holding down one of the worst jobs in horror. Would YOU survive the night?

The Perfect Crime, the Perfect Criminals...

True Crime History in Horror Films with Revenge Honey Linnie!

Is there such a thing as "the perfect crime?" Wealthy teenage intellectuals Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb set out to prove there was, and in doing so, became two of the most prolific murderers in American history. So join us, as we look through the history and pop culture influence of a notorious pair of thrill killers, Leopold and Loeb...

Long Distance: Just Hang Up The Phone, Already!

A Slasher Honey Review by Chassity

Long Distance (2005)

What do you get when you take the opening scene of Scream (minus the movie trivia), and cross it with the general idea of the plot from When A Stranger Calls, a kind of crazy twist (like, The Usual 
Suspects crazy) and throw it all together? 

You get a movie like the thriller Long Distance. And it’s not half as bad or as great as it sounds. 

This is one of those movies I’ve seen a few times now, and it took me a while to fully understand what was going on. But it’s entertaining as hell, and it’s one of those types of films that’s great to see with a bunch of other people so you can talk about it, but is also great to watch alone because doing so will put you in the shoes of the main character.