Supernatural Sunday Jam - 'Voodoo Thing'

Like a heart held close to the edge of a knife
One kiss from her lips turn my blood turn to ice
I tried to run by the light of the moon
I said I'll never be back, but I spoke too soon

Well, she made me dance and she made me scream
Did she give me some of that voodoo thing?
The voodoo thing, ooh, my voodoo thing

Growing up on the West Coast and with a father who insisted on an early blues education, a name that came up a little later in my childhood was Colin James: he even lived in our neighborhood for a few years, which was kind of rad. Voodoo Thing was one of my favorite tunes to dance to like a crazy person when it came out in the late 80s. But really, can you blame me? Voodoo Thing was my first introduction to reading everything I could get my hands on about voodoo culture and magic so I could find out how to get my "Voodoo Thing" on... ~HH

This Nightcrawler is No Mutant...

A Supernatural Honey New Release Review by Suzanne

Nightcrawler (2014)

I’ve had a lot of opportunities to see movies in advance of their release the last few months: some of them good, some bad, and others downright horrible. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was walking into with Nightcrawler. The trailers made it seem as though it was a genre film, but it’s SO much more than that. This film is a drama, wrapped in psychological thriller, dipped in action, with a dash of comedy and I was happily full after consuming every morsel of it. It was delicious! 

OK, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Louis Bloom (Gyllenhaal) is a petty thief always on the lookout for his next payday. Driven and determined to be successful at something, he discovers that crime journalism in L.A. can land a nice payday, with the right piece of film. Aided and encouraged by local TV news programmer Nina Romina (Rene Russo), Lou tests the limits of his morality to come out on top.

Grab a Pint With GRABBERS

A Boozy Monster Honey Review by Jennica

Grabbers (2014)

Growing up in a mostly quiet suburban town, I always said that if I had stayed there, I would likely end up hunched over a bar stool at one of the local pubs every week. It was nearly impossible to find adventure without driving south for at least a couple hours. But perhaps I just didn't stick around long enough for anything exciting to occur. You know, like a giant mutant landing to devour us all? If real life resembles Grabbers (2012) at all, "it's always the quiet places where the mad shit happens." And it's probably best to be prepared with a beer in each hand.

The Plot: When a drunken fisherman discovers an unidentified species near an island just off the coast of Ireland, officers O'Shea and Nolan begin to further investigate the numerous whale carcasses that have recently washed up on the shore. With the help of marine biologist Dr. Adam Smith, it is determined that this giant octopus-like creature can snack a few whales with ease but can't seem to hold down any booze-filled humans. For once, getting shitfaced can save lives.

Spooky Kid Saturday Jam ~ 'The Goonies R Good Enough'

Here we are hanging' on to strains
Of greed and blues
Break the chain and we break down
Oh, it's not real if you don't feel it
Unspoken expectations
Ideals you used to play with
They've finally taken shape
What's good enough for you
Is good enough for me

There is nary a spooky kid out there that didn't grow up watching the wacky misadventures of The Goonies. Comprised of Josh Brolin, Sean Astin, Martha Plimpton, Corey Feldman, and many other lovable 80s nerds, Richard Donner's story of a group of kids who search for a lost pirate treasure to save their neighborhood from destruction resonated with children of all ages, and continues to do so today. Most of us still sit down to enjoy The Goonies on the regular, even if Mama Fratelli scares the crap out of us to this day.

One of the most enduring elements of The Goonies is the film's theme song, sung by the original manic pixie, Cyndi Lauper. "The Goonies R Good Enough" is still catchy as hell and will wedge itself in your brain like the sexy little ear worm that is. So do a little Truffle Shuffle, and grab the nearest treasure map, because it's time to get down with The Goonies!

Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'When Genevieve Ruled the World'

"It is true, nonetheless, that the world was once ruled with the iron fist of a three-and-half-year-old girl."

Without a doubt, Katy Towell has her share of fans at the Horror Honeys. We've featured her cartoons here before, and I was lucky enough to interview her not so long ago! This week's horror cartoon is another entry in her "Childrin R Skary" series, and it proves what we all already knew...

Little girls are just tiny dictators waiting for an excuse to take over the world.

Sci-Friday Jam ~ 'Waking Up with Robocop'

I remember when you said to me, you said 
"I'm a woman, and a woman is obviously different from a man."
Do you remember when you'd talk to me? You'd say things like, 
"I like to be treated as a lady, not as a buddy."
I remember when you criticized me about picking The Face over Mr. T 
But, I remember when you took off all of your clothes
And if waking up beside me
Feels so bleeding bad
Then waking up with Robocop is a lesson to be had

Irish alt-rock band Fight Like Apes is my new obsession. With a badass female lead singer, absolutely insane lyrics, and videos that are like mini-acid trips/movies, Fight Like Apes should also be YOUR new obsession. While you will probably see them here a lot in the future, the first song we bring you is a Sci-Friday Jam: their relationship-warning song, "Waking Up with Robocop." Interpret it as you will, but regardless of whether you wake up with the real Robocop or a metaphorical one, I think we can all agree... there is definitely a lesson there, Honey Bees. ~RH

Friday Favorites ~ The Horror Hall of Shame

Listen, just because you love horror movies, doesn't mean you're going to be able to see every single one ever made. Sometimes, a particular movie just keeps getting moved down your "to watch" list for no specific reason. Other times, you just have no particular interest in a movie... perhaps because you don't find the content scary, or maybe because actually find it TOO scary. But whatever the reason, that ONE movie lands you squarely in the Horror Hall of Shame: a place where you go because you just haven't see that one movie other people won't shut the fuck up about.

Today, the Honeys bravely step forward and admit the movies that have earned them a place in the HHofS. Is there a movie that earns you a ticket in to the Hall of Shame? Let us know on Twitter, using #HorrorHallofShame!


A Sci-Fi Honey New Release Review

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

It’s been a Mad May for this Sci-Fi Honey: gearing up for the release of the fourth installment of George Miller’s Mad Max series, last Sci-Friday’s review was a three-part retrospective on the original Mel Gibson-starring Mad Max (1979), Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981), and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985). While the series as a whole has had its ups and downs, all three films are much-beloved fixtures in the canon of action cinema, entertaining audiences for over three decades. This past weekend, a new generation of filmgoers experienced Mad Max: Fury Road, Miller’s latest addition to the ongoing saga of Max Rockatansky to hit the big screen. Now in his seventies, Miller was up against some difficult odds: can an aging filmmaker create a sequel to a treasured cult classic thirty years after the previous installment – with a different actor in the titular lead role – and still produce a film that is faithful to the spirit of the overall series while remaining relevant to the landscape of modern cinema?

Undead Thursday Jam - 'Zombie'

Should you plan to travel way down South
Woman to woman, I gotta tell ya about
A curse that rose out of the deep, green swamp
It hollers "murder," and then it makes you jump
And then it says...
Do the zombie!

Nellie McKay is one of my favorite kind of musicians: the one you don't see coming from a mile away. She is cute as a button with the soul of Edgar Allen Poe (she'd actually make a kickass Honey!) "Zombie," from her album Obligatory Villagers is basically a Cajun-infused undead dance song that is just dripping with voodoo. There haven't been a million songs written about zombies, but I'd definitely have to rank this as among one of the best! Get your swamp on and do "The Zombie," Poppets! ~RH

Zombie Proofing 105: Save Your Brain

A Zombie Honey Preparedness Seminar from Bella

We’re skipping ahead a little in our zombie apocalypse proofing list of dos and don’ts because I feel like this is particularly pertinent. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting older. Every year in fact. And with that, I’m realizing I’m turning more into my mother and grandmother. Which isn’t a bad thing at all, because they are amazing women. Brilliant and strong and funny and capable; with the added bonus of a bizarre silliness and forgetfullness that renders them an awful lot like Lucy Ricardo (I Love Lucy). So, with that in mind, I feel it’s important to talk about how to zombie proof your mind. 

No, not your brain. Your mind - the thoughtful function of that lumpy hunk of meat in your skull that keeps you sharp and capable.

While zombie proofing your home is important, I think that zombie proofing your mind is probably more important. Without it, you have absolutely NO chance of survival. Unless you’re one of those that can stumble through with blind luck and make it out in tact. Either way these five steps will help you prepare your mind for the onslaught of zombies or even just old age.

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