Hexmas: 10 Best Treehouse of Horror Episodes!

When I was but a wee thing, The Simpson's were brand new...and my mother hated them...ok LOATHED is a better term. We weren't allowed to watch Homer mistreat and take his family for granted until my mother decided we were smart enough to realize that this wasn't real life...it was a cartoon...thankfully she cottoned on quickly that we weren't going to take it to heart or started saying "eat my shorts" at any occasion possible. Once she relented, I discovered the wonderful world of the Treehouse of Horror, easily the best aspect of the show (at least for me). I developed a tradition of desperately needing to rent the Treehouse series in any form I could find it in as often as possible, especially at Halloween (like 95% of my generation I really miss the VHS rental store days, the other 5% can eat my shorts).

Now, EW did this amazing thing where they ranked the best episodes of The Simpson's Treehouse of Horror episodes... but I thought I would mine ten of my own favorites from their incredibly exhaustive list.

Slasher Honey's 10 WTF Moments in Horror

A Slasher Honey Top Ten List!

Have you ever been watching a horror movie (or any movie for that matter) and find yourself bursting out laughing or yelling "WHYYY DID YOU DO THAT???" at the screen? Darlings, this is for you.

Horror on TV ~ October 20th to 26th!

Are you ready for another week of horror TV? Now that AMC has started their annual Fear Fest, the number of frightening films those of you with cable will have access to has pretty much tripled. So pop the popcorn, lock the doors, and light a pumpkin for Sam... It's horror-watching time!

The Walking Dead ~ Season 5, Episode 2 ~ Strangers

A Horror TV Honey Review by Lisa

Only the second episode of the season and I feel compelled to remind everyone that The Walking Dead is a drama. A dramatic series. That means that you will not get a "No Sanctuary" every week; you will always have to endure what many people call "boring" episodes. I prefer the term "engaging", but that's the lovely thing about opinions; we all have the right to our own.

It was nice to see our survivors reconnect and reestablish their bond. More than that, it was exceptionally lovely to see everyone fall back in line with the Ricktatorship. I don't know what Abraham has planned, but everyone made it very clear to him that they will be following Rick's lead. Also a natural leader, Abraham made quite the scene in the church and preached his way into getting Rick on his side. Or shall I say, Judith agreed with Abraham and Rick goes where Judith goes. (Am I the only one who's ovaries are exploding over seeing Rick with Judith?) Well played Abraham, well played.

Supernatural Sunday Jam ~ "Long Black Veil"

She walks these hills in a long black veil
She visits my grave when the night winds wail
Nobody knows, nobody sees
Nobody knows but me

"Long Black Veil" is one of those songs that is perfect, no matter who may be performing it. EmmyLou Harris does a lovely version, but I've always been partial to Johnny Cash's cover. "Long Black Veil" is a classic murder ballad, telling the story of a man who is executed for a murder he didn't commit, all to protect the secret that he's having an affair with his best friend's wife. The song is beautiful and devastating: an enduring standard for so many reasons. You can feel the pain and sadness in every verse, which is what makes it a perfect supernatural love song. It will always be a favorite!

Halloween Movie Traditions (Part I)!

A Supernatural Honey List by Suzanne

During the month of October, the Honeys have been sharing Hexmas traditions and reviewing some of our favorite films. Since I don’t bake, like our Horror TV Honey, or cook, like our Revenge Honey, I’m afraid all I have to offer is which wine to serve with Fun Size Snickers. I prefer Merlot. My problem is I have too many favorites to just pick four. I really thought I could, but I can’t. It’s like trying to eat four potato chips. It’s virtually impossible. 

With that said, I present to you a list of my traditional Halloween movies.  

Honey Halloween Flashback ~ SNL's Vincent Price Halloween Special!

Saturday Night Live just hasn't been the same since Bill Hader left. He was responsible for some of the show's most recent iconic characters (I think we all know I'm talking about Stefon), and his absence has left a huge void in SNL's male hilarity level. From time to time, I like to go back and watch my favorite Hader sketches, which always include his Vincent Price Holiday Specials!

TEEFURY ~ "Deep Space Terror" vs "BrundleFly"

Today's TeeFury Battle is a tough one...and a SCI-FI one at that, which might be why I'm having such a hard time choosing a favorite! Two of my sci-fi mainstays are Alien and The Fly...and when you make them Glow-In-The Dark, all of my logic disappears.