Honey Buzz ~ Coming soon: NOSFERATU

I first heard about Nosferatu via the amazing Doug Jones as he posted some makeup test teasers on his Instagram. But what is NosferatuA remix of the original vampire film? A throwback to one of the most important horror films of all time? A reboot? The possibilities were endless, and I'm officially hooked.

Horror TV Jam ~ 'Seven Devils'

Holy water cannot help you now
Thousand armies couldn't keep me out
I don't want your money
I don't want your crown
See I've come to burn your kingdom down

HBO's Game of Thrones doesn't necessarily seem like the place where you'd find the music of a modern rock goddess, but Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine doesn't necessarily seem like she belongs in this world either. With her mane of fire-red hair and dangerously sharp cheekbones and voice like an enchantress summoning dragons, it's not all that surprising that her oddly appropriate song "Seven Devils" was chosen to play over the Season 2 Game of Thrones teaser trailer. So light some candles, fire up "Seven Devils," and pick your kingdom...

Sleepy Hollow ~ Season 2, Episode 5 ~ "The Weeping Lady"

A Horror TV Honey Episode Review by Lisa

Keeping up the wonderful supernatural fighting chemistry from last week, Abbie and Ichabod find themselves faced with a real urban legend. The Weeping Lady is a woman scorned and she seems to be specifically focused on the ladies that Ichabod holds close to his heart.

I loved seeing Ichabod get his, now signature, clothing. Miss Caroline is so impressed with his devotion to colonial re-enactment that she gives him freshly churned butter before trying to seduce him. Unfortunately, her advances are rebuffed for Ichabod is a married man. Poor thing: she is so flustered that she is not even interested in the selection of delicacies from the far east that Abbie has with her.

While we're on the topic of misplaced emotions, Abraham is no dummy and he knows that Katrina is not being as faithful as he would hope. No, that witch definitely has something up her sleeve, but who will be the focus of her betrayal? I'm not totally buying her devotion to Ichabod, especially after the laundry list of things that she has kept from him.

Convention Recap: Walker Stalker Con - Day 3!

Creeper photo from WSC's PR team <3
The final day of any convention is always difficult, overwhelming crowds and endless events take their toll, so while Friday and Saturday are FULL days, Sunday becomes the day that is reserved for trolling through Artist's Alley, and Vendor areas to pick up some last minute convention exclusive deals (yes, those exist), or in my case, exchange some stickers with rad people and gush over their work. There were also a few last minute panels to attend, one special hand to shake, and two major interviews lined up before I had to make my way back to the airport.

Starting with the handshake, I stood in line to see Greg Nicotero, I was out of money, and would have loved a signature, but I settled for a handshake, and being able to thank him for an interview I'd done with him last month. That was enough for me, and I know what shade of red my face was while I was doing it too.

DVD/Blu-ray Releases for October 21st!

Tuesday is an exciting day in movie land, because Tuesday is release day for all of the latest horror DVDs and Blu-rays! Now the Honeys will be keeping you updated with all of the upcoming horror films that you can get in your hot little hands each week... Hopefully they will be angry well-girl free!

Check out the releases below... Which films will YOU be buying this week?

Halloween is Coming! Don't be THAT Person...

Halloween is coming, and if you are anything like the Honeys, you start planning your costume months in advance. October 31st is a night to try on a different personality, be creative, and show off what you love. Our favorite costumes are the ones like the costume pictured above from Reddit user CampingIsInTents... it's funny, it's creative, and it pays homage to a classic horror film. But every year, without fail, you will inevitably see someone wearing a costume like this one, and it will make you want to break things:

They risk their lives for strangers, but no.
Let's trivialize that with tits.

The following Halloween costumes are the fastest means by which to get on the bad side of a Horror Honey. All are available at Halloween Express, all of them are stupidly expensive, and all of them will make you look like a total asshole. So be warned...

Gore Porn & American Male Malaise...

A Horror TV Honey Movie Review by Lisa

Gut (2012)

Gore Porn: bloody horror pornography that displays naked bodies with blood gushing out.

From writer and director Elias (yes, just like Cher or Madonna, Elias needs only one name) comes a movie that tackles the rarely spoken of world of gore porn. Gut is Elias' feature directorial debut and it's a pretty solid showing.

Although the plot is pedestrian and well worn territory, the gore porn aspect throws an interesting wrench into an, otherwise, predictable plot. Tom (played with a casual easiness by Jason Vail) is a man who has it all and is, inexplicably, unsatisfied with life. He has a job, an appropriately clever/annoying/cute daughter and a wife who treats him very well.  Tom and Lilly's daughter is old enough to pack her own lunches, so the fact that Lilly is still consistently giving it up in the bedroom is something that Tom should be happy about.

Honey Buzz ~ Insidious 3 set photos

Filed squarely under "we don't really care, but we think you might care" news, some set photos from Insidious Chapter 3 have made it into our inbox... The good news, it's a prequel...I'm a sucker for prequels, so this is entirely unfair and now I have to see it. Sigh.

Interesting side note: From the set photos it looks like the working title for this new chapter is "Into the Further"...WTF we all know what you're filming, Leigh.